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The senate of New York state was petitioned in 1814 by Alexander Leal and Frederick P. Foote, executors of the estate of Henry Leal, of Delhi, to dispose of his real-estate.


Prominent among the founders of this church was Judge Alexander Leal, who lived on the farm now occupied by A.L. Meeker. In 1804, in response to a petition of Alexander Leal, Peter McGregor, William Blair, and others, Rev. William McAuly, of Kortright, came here and preached the first sermon, the services being held in Judge Leal's barn, near the Little Delaware, and which has only been removed a few years. In the autumn of 1805 the church was organized under the name of "First Reformed Presbyterian Church" of Delhi, but some years later the word "Reformed" was dropped from the title. About twenty names were enrolled as first members. The first ruling elders were, Alexander Leal, Thomas Simpson, William Blair, Petr McGregor and John Preston; we find that Robert Leal, James Leal, Amos Wamsley, William Moscript and James Kidzie were elders in the earlier years. The first Bible and the first communion set used in the public service were presented by Mrs. Charles Foote, mother of Charles A. Foote, of Delhi village.