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  • Anthony Marvin6 (Elihu,5 Sgt. John,4 Matthew,3 Matthew,2 Matthew,1 Edward,a).

Anthony Marvin was born at Oxford (Cornwall), Orange Co. N. Y. 10 Nov., 1764 to General Elihu Marvin and Abigail Yelverton [___;b.r., fff, Marv. Fam;377].

He died at Hobart, Delaware Co., New York 26 Nov., 1810 [__;d.r., fff, Marv. Fam;377].

He married, 1792 Abigail Paine, daughter of Ezra Paine and Abigail Ellsworth [Marv. Fam;377]; she was b. at 20 March, 1775; d. at Hobart 28 Feb., 1853 [fff, Marv Bible;2, Marv rec;1, Marv. Fam;377 says, “1854”].

Children, born at Hobart, N.Y. [Marv rec;1, Marv Fam;378-9, the previous, Marvin family give the above family as “Marvin.” The family of Charles Marvine, did, at least for a time, use a final "e"]:

  • i. Eliza Bradner Marvin, b. 11 June, 1793 [“Brodner,” |Marv rec;1, fff, Marv. Fam. says, “Elizabeth...b. 1793”]; she d. at ___; m. at Abraham Smythe, son of ___; had a son: 1) Henry Augustus Smythe, b. ___ [Marv. Fam;378-9].
  • ii. Roswell Ellsworth Marvin, b. 28 Nov., 1797 [fff]; d. at 16 July, 1885 [Marv. Fam;438]; m. at ___ 7 Oct. 1819 Sophia Raymond, daughter of Judd Ramond and Hannah Starr Kellogg; she was b. Walton, N. Y. 10 April, 1797; d. at Carbondale, Lackawana Co. Pa. 13 July, 1842 [ibid.;438]; they had [ibid.;439]: 1) Henry W. Marvin, “d. inf.”; 2) Henry L Marvin, b. at Carbondale 11 April, 1822; 3) Mary A. Marvin, b. at Canaan, Pa., May 1824, m. Thomas Dickson, b. Scotland; 4) Harriet Marvin, b. at Canaan 31 Aug., 1826, m. 9 Aug., 1847 George Wilbur. 5) Ann Eliza Marvin, b. at Carbondale, 2 June, 1830, m. 15 May, 1849 Stephen H. Pierson, son of Jeremiah Pierson and Phebe Terbett, m. 2d, G. V. Bentley; 6) Helen H. Marvin, b. 15 May, 1840, m. 8 Sept. 1858 Thomas Franklin, son of Joseph Franklin and Mary Fitch, they had children b. New York City. Roswell Marvin m. 2d, at ___ 25 Oct., 1843 Sarah Ann Paine daughter of Roswell Paine and Ann Gray, his cousin; she b. Goshen, N. Y. 11 March, 1810; d. at ___ 26 June, 1896; they had, b. at Carbondale and Wyoming, Pa.: 1) Edward Marvin, b. 13 Dec., 1847, d. 1 Dec., 1853; 2) James Archibald Marvin, b. 11 Dec., 1849, “unm.” [Marv. Fam;439]; 9) Frances Marvin, b. 16 Aug., 1851, “unm.” [ibid.]. ibid.;439: He resided for a time in Green Ridge, a suburb of Scranton, Pa. His wife Sophia was admitted to the church in Carbondale, 28 June, 1829, and he joined the following September, and was chosen a deacon in 1832.
  • iii. Elihu Paine Marvin, b. 4 Dec, 1799 [fff]; m. ___?
  • iv. Edward Emmons Marvin, b. 17 March, 1802 [fff]; m. at ___ 5 April, 1830 Frances J. Perry, daughter of ___ ; their children were b. Auburn, N. Y. [Marv. Fam;378]: 1) Ellen Augusta Marvin, b. 6 Aug., 1838; m at Auburn, St. Peters Church, George Gorham, son of ___ of Buffalo, N. Y. [Marv. Fam;378]; 2) Edward Charles Marvin, b. 5 Aug., 1840; d. at ___ 1878, graduate at Harvard, 1863; 3) Archibald Robinson Marvin, b. 26 Oct., 1848, d. at ___ 1876, graduate, M. E. at Harvard 1870 [Marv. Fam;378].
  • v. Charles Augustus Marvin, b. 13 Sept., 1804; he d. at Delhi 26 Feb. 1874 [as “Marvine” |fff, Marv. Fam;378]; m. 15 Oct., 1832 Frances Foote daughter of Hon. Charles Augustus Foote and Maria Baldwin [fff]; she was b. at Delhi? 1 Aug., 1809; d. at ___ 27 Aug., 1891 [fff, Marv. Fam.;378].
  • vi. George Marvin, b. 13 Oct. 1806; d. at ___ []; m. Catherine McCormick, daughter of ___ [Marv. Fam;378], daughter of ___;
  • vii. Anthony Yelverton Marvin, b. 4 Sept., 1808; d. at ___; m. Eliza Rayner, daughter of ___; m. 2d, Abigail A. Stewart [Marv. Fam;378], sister to Rear Admiral Edwin Stewart, U.S.N.; she was b. abt. 1818; and d. East Orange, N.J. 19 Feb., 1901 æ. 83 “then a widow” [Marv. Fam;378]; their children were: 1) Charles Marvin, b. ___ ; perhaps Charles who was at Union in the class of 1844.” [Marv. Fam;378] "Marvine, Charles E., 290, Died Aug. 23, 1861, 25 yrs. Old son of Anthony Y + Eliza C. —Woodlawn Cemetery Delhi; 2) William Marvin, b. ___ [Marv. Fam;378].


  • viii. Abby Augusta Marvin, b. 10 July, 1810 [fff, Marv. Fam..;378 says, “Abigail”]; æ. “four months when her father died” [info. given in quotes: Marv. Fam;378]; m. at ___ perhaps, Charles Foote [*See Paine Fam. Rec., II:126. The Foote Genealogy, as cited above, has no “Charles Foote” to whom we can assign this m.; Hon. Charles A. Foote, father of the wife of Abigail’s brother Charles (v), is given (p. 85) a son Charles A., who is said to have m. Miss Johnson, of Delhi, and a son James B., but we are unable to correct the statement furnished us, if it is erroneous, as we suspect. —Marv Fam;378].

Hist Dela; 363: Mrs. A.A. Foote, whose charming residence at Hobart, “Maple Bank,” is the subject of one of our plates, is the widow of Mr. Charles Foote. He was born September 30th, 1802, in Newtown, Conn., and came from that town to this State in 1805. He married Miss Augusta A. Marvin, of Waterville, now Hobart. He was a farmer and a dealer in butter and cattle. He died May 12th, 1875.

Hon. N. C. Marvin and M. W. Marvin are brothers, sons of Thomas Marvin, well known in the history of the county, and are attorneys and counsellors at law. N. C. Marvin represented the district in the State Senate for the past two years, and both gentlemen have deserved mention in the history of the town.
William and L. Marvin are descendants of Mathew Marvin, an early settler, and were born in Walton. Mr. L. Marvin is at present a justice of the peace of the town, a station he has filled for several years, and is postmaster of the principle office of the town. Mr. William Marvin is a farmer, residing on North street.
George W. Marvin was born November 20th, 1817, in Walton, and is a son of Jared Marvin, an old settler of the town. In 1846 he was married to Hannah Eells, also a relative of a pioneer. This worthy couple are really pioneers themselves, living where they cleared the land in “Marvin Hollow.” Mr. Marvin is a lumberman and farmer of proverbial integrity and industry.
  • W.H. Munsell & Co. [publishers], History of Delaware County, N.Y., With Illustrations, Biographical Sketches and Portraits of Some Pioneers and Prominent Residents /1797–1880/, N.Y.C., 1880.

Marvin Family; 378:

[Anthony Marvin] was a lawyer, and was sworn as an attorney at the first Delaware County Court, convened 3 Oct., 1797, at the home of Gideon Frisbie; he was appointed 20 March, 1797, as first surrogate of that county, retaining the position until his death, and recorded the first deed in the county clerk’s office; he was a member of the New York Assembly 1805 and ‘06. His wife was a lady of unusual strength of character, and of eminent worth. (*See History of Delaware County, 372-3 for an appreciative tribute to her memory). Some of this family spelled the name with a final e.

Herbert Stewart, History of Stamford, Delaware Co., N. Y., 1961, ms. nygbs:

Anthony Marvin’s name appears in the documents of the town under the date of 1808. He lived just outside the town line, on the west side of the Delaware. He was appointed surrogate on 20 March, 1797. [proved the first will in Delaware co.] He moved to Hobart and lived near the Episcopal Church in the house which has been known as the “Marvin House” for three quarters of a century. He held the office of a Surrogate during his life which ended in 1870. He left a family of eight children, all minors, under the care of his widow, who braved the cares and labors of life until all were educated and had advanced to the age of men and women able to care for themselves. On Feb. 28th 1854, Abigail Marvin, paternal guardian of the children, ceased from her labors and to peace of mind though an abiding faith, entered into the sleep of Death in the eightieth year of her life.

Abigail Paine Marvin

In Hobart, on the 28th February, 1854, Mrs. Abigail Marvine, relict of Anthony Marvine, Esq., in the 80th year of her age.
Though not the oldest inhabitant of Hobart, yet it is not known, that any person has resided in this region so many years, or that any one came earlier, she having removed hither in 1784, with her father's family, then a child of ten years. For many years, there was neither school-house nor place of public worship. The early settlers were subject to many privations and hardships, but they were gradually surmounted, and a number of Episcopal families having removed hither from Connecticut, they were enabled to erect the church edifice now standing in Hobart, on the 4th of July, 1801. Mrs. Marvine was then 27 years old. It was the only place of public worship in the town of Stamford for some time, and is believed to be the oldest Episcopal church within a circuit of fifty miles. In 1810, Mrs. Marvine lost her husband, a lawyer of large practice for those times, and living as he died, among a rural and scattered population, leaving his widow with eight children, the eldest being only seventeen years, and the youngest about four months old. The care of providing for, and educating so large a family, together with the responsibility of closing up her husband's estate, which by his sudden death, was left in a very unsettled condition, would have been enough to discourage a female of ordinary mind; but she survived to see all her children become heads of families, and some of them grandparents. Though of Presbyterian parentage, she became afterwards a communicant in St. Peter's church, and her six sons and two daughters were baptized, and brought up in attendance on its services, so far as circumstances permitted. They are now mostly connected with the Episcopal communion, though widely scattered in different countries, and different States. But two are now remaining in Hobart; these with Mr. C. Marvine, of Delhi, are the only children now residing in the county of Delaware. The death of Mrs. Marvine was calm and peaceful, full of Christian faith and hope.


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