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The Main Street Museum Of Art, In Collaboration with the Hotel Coolidge

—10 September, 1995:

For Immediate Release: To the Art Press of Northern New England and Beyond:

As if we werent doing enough around town these days; what with all the hub-bub brewing over New Stores, Ice-Cream Vendors, and Used Record Stores cropping up faster than corn sprouts in a hot, wet July, The Main Street Museum Of Art has managed a public Coup and startled even the most jaded of Culture-Philes.

Have any of you driven down Gates Street lately and seen the bright new face the Coolidge block presents with its windows full of colorful artwork? If you had you assuredly would have pulled over, or walked to the opposite sidewalk and scratched your heads—no, pondered, really pondered—in amazement the exciting new exhibits in the empty store fronts. And to think that all this is due to the efforts of the dedicated artists working in our midst and usually strutting their stuff down on South Main Street, at the scruffiest Museum in Town. And so it is with great pleasure that we announce the inauguration of an intriguing collaboration of area businesses and area artists. We call it the:


and it makes White River the Gateway to Vermonts Cultural Life as well as her Commercial and Transportation Life.

Not too long ago the powers-that-be had a little brainstorming session over the fate of the half-dozen or so retail units left empty due to an alteration in rental schedules. And can you guess the agency chosen to act as Saviour; chosen to make that which was Blank present a Smiling New Face; in short to “give beauty for ashes” as the prophet said? Why none other than the

Main Street Museum of Art

which organization now publicly presents itself, a Servant of any property owners in the area who may want Art, Beauty, Something, in any case where there is a void, a Big Empty Plane Of Glass.

We will install artwork in any forlorn looking place in the area; removing it promptly when that space is rented, or what-have-you. We think that this arrangement is good for business, good for us, and most important, good for the Good People of White River—Residents And Visitors. Come and see and you will agree with us.

Our exhibition schedule, probably until the Holiday season (unless any of the spaces are leased soon) will include:
¶ Puppets and Furniture by the Upper Loveland Puppets and Prof. Ria Blaas.
¶ Sculpture by Jim Flourschutz of Newfane, Vt..
¶Mixed Media Concoctions by Nat Hemenway of Strafford, Vt.
¶ Building and Furniture Plans by Terra Firma Inc. of Randolph, Vt.

Any inquiries should be directed to the above address.


The Revolving Nude Project

For Immediate Release: 19 October, 1995

The Main Street Museum, always one to make the most of any opportunity, is pleased to announce the institution of the Revolving Nude Project an innovation that has not reached the jaded streets of New York City, but is making a name for us here in “Tunnel Town,” Downtown White River Junction, the “Happening-est” Downtown in the State of Vermont!

With the advent of Mr. Flourshutz’s stately wood, rope and stone sculpture, we are forced to move our now infamous “Venus of the Blue Bikini” to another window in town.

And move her we will, regardless of the out-crying of a disgusted populace (so far this is a teeming mob of one) and place her in a new location every week until we tire of the game, or you Reporters stop the media circus that surrounds her, rather Tranquil, we think, Demeanor. Her presence was designed to be temporary, but she is our Mascot now and we couldnt “bare” to part with her.

Look for her in her new window; but wait, she may move again soon. Where will she be next month? This is our pledge to you, good people: to keep exposing this beauty with or without bikini in various locations around town through the Holiday Season. Stay tuned!

Many thanks to you, the press of the Upper Valley, and all of you Spectators most of all.

Kindest Personal Regards