Atomic Age Cinema, October, 2009

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The CCS and MSM ARTifacts Film Series always presents something shocking or hilarious. (Usually its a combination of both!)

Atomic-Age Cinema

Get ready for Halloween tonight with a Bucket of Blood! A stunning Roger Corman cinematic treasure is the best way we can think of to get ready for Halloween!

The Center for Cartoon Studies & Main Street Museum ARTifacts Movie Club presents poets Peter Money, Jess Abston and cartoonist/horror host Denis St. John in A BUCKET OF BEAT!, a movie/event on Thursday, October 8, at 8 PM in the Main Street Museum in White River Junction at 58 Bridge Street (802-356-2776), featuring live & vintage filmed Beat poetry & retrospective Poetry Readings and Dress-up also included!

Plus Roger Corman’s 1959 Beat black comedy classic BUCKET OF BLOOD. The films are unrated; admission is $5 per person, free for Museum members and CCS students.

So come check it out. Its Free for members and students! We might serve pop-corn, and we promise that we wont make you stick your hand in a bowl of grapes in red jello and tell you that they are eyeballs ... unless you want us to... ! Cordial Regards, --The Management