Baldwin Family of New York City and Newark, New Jersey

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Jesse Baldwin

Jesse Baldwin was born at ___ to ___

He married Margaret DeHart bpt. 15 Sept. 1754 [source]; she d. at ___ [source]; m. at ___ Margaret De Hart was baptized at St. John's Church, Elizabethtown, N. J., 15 Dec., 1754 to Mattias De Hart and Catherine Kingsland [___;bpt.r.]. She died 1849? [___]. "Grandmother Baldwin is dead" letter from Katherine Foote to Rensselaer, 1850.

"Jesse Baldwin and Margaretta de Hart importing merchant at 161 Broadway, N.Y." [Foote Genealogy;204].


  • Maria Baldwin, b. ___ married at New York City, 10 May, 1808, Charles Augustus Foote, son of Ebenezer Foote and Jerusha Purdy. [ffpp, Catskill Recorder.25may08], Married by Rev. J. N. Abeel, of the Collegiate Dutch Reform Church, which seems to have been located at, Middle, Nassau and Liberty Streets, or North, Fulton and William Streets.

She is buried at "Arbor Hill" Delhi, New York, died 29 August, 1824.

  • Jesse Baldwin, a cousin mentioned in RWF letters. lived in the "West Indies" at least part of the time, according to family letters.
  • Louisa Baldwin, married ___ Plummer, and had a daughter, Emily H., who married Samuel Plummer, Captain in the [army?] mentioned in letters to cousin R.W. Foote, 1842-52.
  • Caleb Baldwin. mentioned in family letters. "At the Store" in New York City. 1850s.
  • Harriet Baldwin, married Aaron Vanderpoel, 3 sept 1831. She died 1837, no children.
  • 5/14/1825, Newark, 4th inst WILLIAM DE HART BALDWIN, 39, s. of Jesse.
  • Reg 48; 464, inscriptions in st. Augustine, Florida.

"Jesse Baldwin, departed this life on the 14th of March, 1835 aged 34 years. 5 lines of inscription below. A vertical marble slab. This grave close by the following Mrs. Ann S. Putnam, who departed this life the 31st of August, 1831 aged 68 years.

Baldwin Cousins

  • "Burnet, the President of the Republic of Texas is Grandma Baldwins' cousin—and Gen Austin is some relation." —RWF, 1836
  • Baldwin, Oliver B. m. d. 1 Park Church Place," Newark, New Jersey Directory, 1851-2. OBB writes to RWF, 1842
  • ___ Baldwin mentions death of "your cousin Catherine" in letter to RWF in 1841
  • 1849 Invitation from H Baldwin. Prairie du Chien May 3d: 1849 Lieut Foote In By request of our friend Col D.G. Fenton I Respectfully Envite you to attend the funeral of his ^wife^ this day at his residn at Eleven oclock (11) A. M.

Yours &c H Baldwin

  • Abraham W. Foote, The Foote Family, Rutland, 1907, 1;1942:

Charles Augustus Foote...m in 1808, Marie Baldwin daughter of Jesse Baldwin and Margaretta de Hart importing merchant at 161 Broadway, N. Y.

  • At Derby Conn 1795.[?]
  • Newark city directory, 1839:

JESSE BALDWIN, Jun. Wholesale and Retail Hardware Store, 334 Broad-street, a few doors above the City Hotel.

  • Newark city directory 1851, 52:

JESSE BALDWIN, Importer of 186 Market St. corner of Mulberry, NEWARK, N.J. Jesse Baldwin, James Henderson

Baldwins in Delhi, New York

At the opening of this century the village assumed gigantic proportions, and stores like mushrooms sprang up along its one street. John Doll opened one where Woodruff is, in 1805 or 1806. Leal, Baldwin & Edgerton soon had a good one above General Root's residence (now Dr. Buckley's); then Baldwin & Steele succeeded them on the corner now occupied by J. W. Woodruff. H. D. Gould commenced a store in 1819, down the street, where Middlemist is, and about the same year Jabez Hitchcolk opened another on the corner of Franklin road-now Franklin street. In 1821 H. D. Gould moved to the store of Baldwin & Steele, which was soon after moved off (now a portion of the Episcopal parsonage) and the present one was erected, which, occupied by Messrs. Gould, Blanchard, and Woodruff continuously, is still an excellent place of business. Since the incorporation of the village, the places of business everywhere have been sufficient, for the wants of the circle of trade.

Alexander G. Baldwin

ALEXANDER G. BALDWIN, b. Virginia, Parents, Cornelius Baldwin (1751-1826) and Mary Briscoe (1785-1808) (Ap'd Va.) Military History. — Cadet at the Military Academy, July 1, 1822, to July 1, 1826, when he was graduated and promoted in the Army to Bvt. Second Lieut., 3d Infantry, July 1, 1826.

Served: in garrison at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., 1826‑28; and on frontier duty at Ft. Leavenworth, Kan., 1828‑29, — Jefferson Barracks, Mo., 1829‑30, — Natchitoches,º La., 1830‑31, — Camp Phoenix, La., 1831, — and Ft. Towson, I. T., 1831‑32, 1833‑34, and 1835. Died, July 25, 1835, at Ft. Towson, I. T.: Aged 31.

Buried, Fort Gibson National Cemetery, Fort Gibson, OK. Cullem, Vol. I, p381 463

  • Thayer's Note:

He shares a tombstone with James H. Taylor.

James H. Taylor

Birth: Oct. 6, 1809, Death: Oct. 17, 1835 Arkansas, USA, Son of John W. Taylor and Jane Hodge. Served in the Indian Wars, 5th Regt. Inf. He drowned in the Cossitol River in Arkansas about 70 miles from Fort Towson. John W. Taylor (1784 - 1854) Jane Hodge Taylor (1786 - 1838)

Letter to his father, Hon. John W. Taylor, Ballston, N.Y. from Col. Vose Oct. 25, 1835


On Monday the 12th last, your son Lieut. James H. Taylor, left this post to go as far as Washington, Hempstead County, Arkansas territory, about 110 miles, for the purpose of visiting the Land Office at that place. He was to be absent about 7 or 8 days. Nothing was heard of him, after his departure, till yesterday, when I received a letter informing me that it was probable he had been drowned, on his return, while crossing a river which had been much swollen by recent rains, and which is about 70 miles from Fort Towson. He was seen on Saturday the 17th last, about three miles on the other side of the river, and bound homeward. On Tuesday last his horse was found in a swamp near the river, having on his saddle. From all these circumstances, there can be little doubt of the death of your son.

I have this morning dispatched two officers and two men to the river. They have orders to obtain all the facts relative to the melancholy event,—and, if possible, recover the remains and convey them to this post. I have thought it best to make this communication by the first mail, (though there may be a faint hope that your son yet lives) for the reason that a report of the death of Lieut. Taylor may reach you through the public prints.

If your son is dead, you may rest assured, my dear sir, that every effort will be made to recover the body,—and, if found, it will be conveyed to Fort Towson, and be interred with the honors of war.

Lieut. Taylor was a very excellent officer, and most highly esteemed by all those who have been associated with him. He was ever ready for his duty, and exceedingly correct in its discharge.

I shall write you again on the return of the command that has been sent to the river.

Very respectlully, your obed't servt., J. H. Vose

Lieut. Col. 3d Infantry Com'dg.

Vol. 1, Army and Navy Chronicle gives the following:

Resolved, That we deeply regret the melancholy and untimely death of our much esteemed friend and brother officer Lieut. J. H. Taylor.

Resolved, That in the death of Lieut. Taylor, society has lost a bright ornament, his companions in arms a friend, endeared to them by many manly traits and social virtues, and the army an intelligent and very efficient young officer.

Resolved, That the officers of this command warmly sympathie with the relatives and friends of the deceased in this sad bereavement.

Resolved, That the officers of this command wear the usual badge of mourning for the period of sixty days.

Resolved, That Lieut. Col. Vose, commanding at Ft. Towson, be requested to forward to the family of the deceased a copy of these resolutions.

Resolved, That a copy of the foregoing resolutions be forwarded to the editors of the Army and Navy Chronicle, the Arkansas Gazette, and the New York Courier and Enquirer, and that they be requested to publish the same.


  • Sarah Jane Taylor Beattie (1808 - 1857)*
  • James H Taylor (1809 - 1835)
  • Malvina Taylor (1815 - 1899)*
  • Oscar Taylor (1822 - 1909)*

Taylor, Baldwin and Billy Bowlegs, all in the Fort Gibson Cemetery

On May 27, 1831, Lieutenant Frederick Thomas of the Seventh Infantry, a West Point graduate of 1825, was drowned in the Arkansas River. His classmate, Lieutenant Benjamin W. Kinsman, also of the Seventh Infantry, died May 14, 1832. Lieutenant Thomas C. Brockway, a graduate of West Point of the class of 1828, died at Fort Gibson, September 28, 1831. Among those removed from Fort Towson were West Point graduates of the class of 1826, Lieutenants Charles L. C. Minor and Alexander G. Baldwin, both of the Fifth Infantry, who died at Fort Towson in 1833 and 1835 respectively, and Lieutenant James H. Taylor of the Third Infantry, who was drowned near Fort Towson in the Cositot River, in 1835. Also in the Officers' Circle is the monument of Captain Billy Bowlegs, the celebrated Seminole warrior, who served in the Union Army and died during the Civil War, and who is buried in another part of the cemetery. [1]

Other Baldwins

New Jersey 791. BALDWIN, A.P., businessman. Record Book, 1847 - 1856. 12 vols. Ledgers and daybooks of a Newark and New York businessman engaged in foreign and domestic trade. Baldwin's operations extended to the southern United States and England. In Newark the company also specialized in saddling and hardware.

De Hart Family

Margaret De Hart5 (Mattias De Hart4, Jacob3, Mattias 2, father__, Balthazar1). She married at [Ref. 11.15.46?] Jessie Baldwin son of ___ Newark, New Jersey.

Children, born at ___ [___]:

Jacob De Hart3 (Mattias2, Balthazar1)

Jacob De Hart was born at New York City 28 Dec., 1699 to Mattias De Hart and Jannetje Mauritz [___;b.r.]; he was bpt. at the New York Reformed church 31 Dec. 1699 [___;bpt.r.]. He died at ___ [___].

He married at Elizabethtown, N. J., St. Johns Church, Abigail Crane daughter of John Crane and Hestor Williams and ___ of New Barbadoes, N. J. [___m.r.]

Hart ms. nygbs: Vestryman at St. Johns church, settled Elizabethtown prior to his m.

Mattias De Hart4, [Jacob3, Mattias2, Balthazar1].

1. Mattias De Hart was born at Elizabethtown, N. J., 27 Dec., 1723 to Jacob De Hart and [___;b.r.]. He died at ___ [___].

He married at [The Second River] Belleville, N.J. Reformed Church Catherine Kingsland daughter of William Kingsland and ___ of New Barbadoes, N. J. [___m.r.]


ALEXANDER THOMPSON, RWPA #W18128/BLWt #2191-200-Lieut. He married in the home of William DeHart in Morristown, New Jersey on March 4, 1784, Amelia DeHart, a sister of Colonel William DeHart and Jesse (DeHart) Baldwin. He died at West Point in Orange County, New York in September of 1809.

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