Bowling Night with Museum Artifacts, September, 2007

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this monday will be another First.

the first in the main street museum's monthly "bowling with artifacts" series. (schedule to be determined...)

join us this monday, the 24th, at lanes and games, sykes ave in white river junction, 7 pm to 10 pm for bowling!

we will all share the cost of a couple (or more) lanes, get hamburgers, fries or other treats, and bowl to our hearts content(s). *full credit for this idea comes from our esteemed colleagues at the museum of bad art in dedham, massachusetts. hats off to them for realizing that the bowling alley is the perfect place to understand objects (or bad art) in a completely new way, in a completely new environment... the museum curator will bring three rarely seen artifacts --related to bowling or not-- from the permenant collection for discussion. look them over, or pretend they dont exist, and just bowl!

Heres a picture, just in case you were straddling the fence on this one... Nixon in the White House bowling lanes, ca. 1970.

the artifacts for this month's "bowling with artifacts":

  • 1) hair of richard nixon, u.s. president.

this framed object comes with a certificate of authenticity and a photo of nixon with the white house barber. nixon was an excellent bowler. shouldnt you brush up on Your game? discuss both nixon's legacy and the upcoming exhibition of artifacts from the watergate hotel and complex in washington, dc. an amazing sub-collection of objects from this important building will be accessioned into the museum collection in october. see it all this coming "first friday" oct 5, with a gallery talk by our visiting research fellow from washington, dc, david hammond. more info and details on this event will follow.

  • 2) oil painting of calvin coolidge

part of our "bad art" series, but in keeping with the presidential theme... again, kudos to the moba in dedham!

  • 3) samples of the newly created, but not yet open for public consumption,

main street museum online catalog operating with "wiki" software -- our "wikilog".

come and add input for this ongoing, open-source catogorization project. its completely unique in the museum world. again, more on this subject later!

may it please you, --the management