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What we do with things is more important than things.
Limulus polyphemus. The Horseshoe Crab is considered a living fossil.


History of the Catalog

In 1992, the varied holdings from the Museum were assembled in index cards and odd peices of notebook paper. As early as 1994 a word-processing file was assembled for the description and organization of both loaned and permanent collection items. This file was transferred to a data-base file. Both of these forays into digital collections management utilized proprietary software. Open-source code was found to be an ideal solution for a small, alternative, "close to the ground" repository. learn less

Categories including Series and Subseries and Vinculum Categories

Categories are often both overlapping (vinculum) and mutable. At the Main Street Museum they include, but are not limited to: Flora; Fauna; Exotica (geographically significant objects); Shoes and Feet (and Tiny Shoes and Feet); Fiber, Textiles and Costumes; Tangled Things; Objects Associated with Famous People; Round Things; Objects with Orifices; Bad Art; Bad Craft; Recreated Artifacts Refused by Dartmouth Realia; Amulets and Sacred Objects; Judæica; Vermontiana; Relics from the Civil War/War Between the States; and Unidentified Mammals or “Flocked Pets.”

The Main Street Museum Catawiki

Objects as Evidence of Human Culture

You are a lobsters-l1600.jpg

Artifacts as Evidence of Religion; Relics and Comparitive Religious Studies

Tattoo orange skull IMG 5887.jpg
The intricately woven stands of sweetgrass in this antique basket still smell sweet. It is qutie tiny. Made by the Abnaki, probably in Vermont. Delicate.

The American Indian

  • Arrowheads (Suction Cups)
  • Figurines
  • Fragments of Things
  • Technology
  • Weapons, or Weapon-Like Objects
  • Baskets

Evidences of Deconstruction in the Building and Construction Trades

Geographically Significant Artifacts; Archeology


The Americas




Tumbler which may—or may not—have come to America on the Mayflower.

Historically Significant Artifacts


Artificial Minerals

Manuscripts and Journals

Costumes and Clothing

Shoes and more shoes.

Shoes and Feet

Tramps and Hobos

The Working World

Vinyl pet toy in the shape of a Frisbie pie tin.

Pet Toys

  • Cat Toys
  • Dog Toys
  • Things that were simply chewed on by a pet (see: Categories)
Pony boy holster black and white IMG 1842.jpg

The History of Armaments and Military Technology

Actual Miltary Technology

Substitutes or Stand-ins for Weaponry and Munitions

(For World War II items see The Leroy Short Sporting and Wild Game Memorial)

The War of the Rebellion/War Between the States

The Rensselaer William Foote Memorial

Sound (Audible) Artifacts

see also Sheet Music


Two Dimensional Pieces

Three Dimensional Art, Sculpture

Modern Art Created By Accident (MACBA)

Elvis Aaron Presley Visual Art Amalgam

Dogs and cats made of wax.

Bad Craft

Cat, or Unidentified Mammal? You decide.

Artistic Performance and Performance Related Artifacts

Magic; the Tools of the Trade

Things Left Behind by Musicians

Fauna; Living, or Apparently Once Living, Objects


The Ossuary; Bones

I Squeak!

The Hall of North American Mammals

The Leroy Short Sporting and Wild Game Memorial

Teeth and More Teeth

Heads (Capitis; Verticis)

This will eventually become the label, and attendant subsidiary labels, delineating the marvels of the Main Street Museum's famed collection of HEADS (We use the Latin terms to distinguish between CAPITIS, the plural of Caput, or head, and VERTICIS, the plural of Vertex, or top, crown, peak, high point).

Research on this point of terminology was generously provided by Daniel Baker.

Specimens of (or Objects relating to) Birds of the Americas

Reptiles Amphibians and Serpents

Fish: Aquatic Living With Or Without Bones

  • Fresh Water Specimens
  • Salt Water Speimens
  • Other
  • Seashells
El Tiburón.

Entomology; Insects

A drawer of bugs.

Flora; Living, or Apparently Once Living, Objects

Trees; The Animistic Perspective

Guatemalan Vegetation, unknown type, from the Farrow Collection.

Exotic, Tropic and Sub-tropic Vegetable Samples

Corn; Taxanomic Theories relevant to Zea mays

Small flowers that are, probably, some type of violet. 19th century, c.e.

Flowers and Fruits

Camellias, Edelweiss, Roses, Violets Unidentified Flowers and Oranges



Mosses and Lichens

Poison Ivy. Banks of the Potomac River.

Native and Non-Native Botany of Windsor County; Invasive and Non-Invasive Species of White River Junction, Vermont

Nuts, Pods and Seeds

Minerals; Inanimate, or Apparently Inanimate Objects


Vinculum Categories


Color as a Hysterical Reaction

Flocking; an Industrial Process

The Human Head


Round Things

Tangled Things

  • Categories Teeth and More Teeth and especially Color as a Hysterical Reaction, Round Things and Tangled Things created by curation teams of the Robert Hull Fleming Museum, University of Vermont.

The Library Reading Room


Two Dimensional Evidence Paper; Archive Collections

Lithographic Prints and Signage

Manuscripts and Letters

A tin-type in the Museum collection. 20th century. Probably created at a county fair.



Sheet Music


Minstrelsy; including Blackface Minstrelsy, images of African Americans in Popular Culture and Entertainment

Tin Pan Alley

The Novelty Song

Oriental Fox Trots

Musical Shows; Showtunes

The Jazz Age


The 1930s

References and Archive