Christopher Wendell Comperry

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Picture of Chris. From his cell.

General Information

Christopher Wendell Comperry, born May 29, 1985, was the "sexy intern" at Main Street Museum June - September 2007. He curated a show entitled "From Hazardous Materials to Hazardous Aesthetics: A Chronicalization of Bad Health from Depression Glass & FiestaWare to InarcoWare."

His nickname is "Abstract Rainbow," (abstractrainbow, rainbowartkid).

He is a 2007 graduate of The University of The South at Sewanee, Tennessee, with a Bachelor's Degree with a major in the Fine Arts.

His hometown is La Porte, Texas, and he is a 2003 graduate of La Porte High.

Vital Stats

He is 5' 9" and has light brown hair.

His interests include: art (doing and viewing), Magic the Gathering, bowling, chess, orienteering, movie watching (especially John Waters), and reading (philosophy, Shakespeare, and Christopher Rice). He is a definite photography monograph junkie.

His strongest art is photography and painting, but he knows a bit about almost all media. Some of his pieces are on his MySpace picture page. He did a series from photos found on MySpace, really trying to delve into the internet's possibilities for letting people create an ideal identity and the spectator's obsessive recreation of those identities.