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Professional Non-discrimination Statement and Standards of Freedom of Expression for Exhibitions and other Publications

Non Discrimination Policy:

No person shall, on the basis of a person’s actual or perceived identity with regard to race, color, religion, gender, age, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, political or religious beliefs, national or ethnic origin, veteran status, or any other perceived distinguishing physical or personality characteristics, or identity/ies, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program, activity or exhibition at the Museum, or in any employment or volunteer conditions or practices conducted by the Museum, except as provided by law.

Freedom of expression

The Main Street Museum aims to promote free inquiry, freedom of expression, and a chance for everyone to “be themselves” without apology. These goals are supported by public spaces at the museum where traditional standards of decorum are upheld and protected.

The Museum will not censor, interfere with, nor modify without consent, the expressions and publications of any exhibitor, artist, or other content providers. At the same time, content displayed at the Museum, either through physical presentation, publication or reproduction, shall not be construed as endorsement of the same, or agreement of the positions, beliefs and opinions of the content providers by the Museum itself or any of its volunteers, staff, board, or any of their agents.

Sexual Harassment or other Forms of Harassment Prohibited

The Museum forbids illegal harassment, including sexual harassment, of any visitor, volunteer, or employee. The Museum will not tolerate illegal harassment, including sexual harassment by any of its employees, volunteers or agents. The Museum

Other Forms of Prohibited Harassment and Bullying

Bullying and harassment based on an individual’s actual or perceived identity with regard to race, color, national origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion, or any other distinguishing characteristics will not be tolerated at the Museum.

Standards of Comportment at the Main Street Museum

Visitors and volunteers to the Museum are reminded that the Museum occupies a specific area within a rental building. The privacy of other studio spaces and the apartment within the building should at all times be recognized.

There is no sleeping allowed in Museum premises unless approved of by Staff.

No storing of personal items on Museum premises.

No person can receive the social services or emergency treatment they need, at the Museum. Please refer all such persons to the Upper Valley Haven (802) 295-6500. No exceptions.

Traditional standards of decorum in the reading room include honoring the quiet and the dignity of the reading and study area.

Responsible consumption of Alcohol

The Main Street Museum cares about drunk-driving, underage drinking and obeying all of the laws of the land. Please help us conduct a safe, sane and legal civic organization. We don't want anyone getting hurt. Many Museum events are "byob". If you do choose to bring alcohol onto Museum property please use common sense and obey the law. Please do not drink outside as this violates Hartford's open container law. Hartford, Vermont is not New Orleans, Louisiana! If you feel you've "had too much"—try water. It's available at all of our events, and it's from Vermont. If you see that the water pitcher is empty please alert Museum staff.

The museum keeps a goodly supply of sleeping bags on hand, in case you don't have a designated driver and you don't feel you should drive. There are always from two to four liquor monitors at all our public events. Museum staff may let you know when enough is enough. We reserve the right to confiscate your keys and make you sleep on bales of hay in the middle of our exhibits. Don't laugh. It's happened before!

No Smoking

This is no smoking facility within a no smoking building. The smoking areas are in the parking lot in back of—or in the temporary visitor driveway in front of—the building. Please put butts into a proper receptacle. Do not throw them onto the parking lot or driveway. Or into any plant or planter. This applies to unfiltered butts as well. Why do we even have to tell people this?

At public events there will always be at least two liquor consumption monitors—either volunteers or staff—to prevent the consumption or use of alcohol by anyone not legally entitled to consume alcohol. This includes alcohol served at our public events and alcohol brought onto Museum premises by third parties.

Bins for recyclables are blue, and are located on the deck, and in the Museum performance space, especially during events.

Quiet Enjoyment

While using Museum facilities, recorded music from any source (public access computer, personal ipod, etc) should not be audible to other patrons without their clear consent.

Unwelcome behavior includes, but is not limited to:

  • Prolonged profanity
  • Abusive, threatening, violent, or otherwise offensive language or behavior
  • Bringing a gun, knife, or any weapon into the Museum
  • Bringing illegal drugs into the Museum
  • [Intoxication]]
  • Sexual language or behavior when any third party is present
  • Blood sacrifices, unless performed by the director

Museum staff at all times, and volunteers when on duty and while on-site and performing museum-related tasks, have the authority to keep things running smoothly.

When in doubt, call 911

(or 802.295.9425, Hartford’s non-emergency services).

Remember, we are all in this together. And we just want to help.

Thank You, —The Management

58 Bridge Street, White River Junction, Vermont
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