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Daniel Foote

Daniel Foote,5 (Nathaniel,4,3,2,1):

Daniel Foote was born Colchester, Connecticut, 6 Feb., 1716 [ffpp, Foot Fam;1;48] to Nathaniel Foote and Anne Clark.

He died at Colchester, Connecticut, Dec. 27, 1801. Buried Linwood cemetery, Colchester [Colc;gs. Findagrave id: 6917102. Will in Princeton University Library, special collections, Ebenezer Foote Papers, box 12, folder 9.]

He married at 9 June, 1743 Margaret Parsons daughter of Ebenezer Parsons and of Springfield, Massachusetts. [Foot Fam;1;48]; she was b. Aug. 23, 1720 [Linwood cemetery Colc;gs] and d. at Colchester? 6 July, 1765 [Colc;gs, Foot Fam;1;48]; buried Linwood cemetery, Colchester.

Children, born at Colchester, Connecticut [___, Foot Fam;1;48]:

  • i. Daniel Foote, b. 21 June, 1744; d. at ; m. Elizabeth Margaret Woodcock; he d. Feb., 1825. Their children: i. Margaret Foote, b. abt. 1775; m. Joseph Talmadge, of Williamstown, Mass. They moved to Scipio and New York, N.Y. ii. Daniel Foote, b. 1777; m. "Mrs. Bradley, of Aurora, N.Y."; was a merchant. He d. 1804. "They had two children, Daniel and a dau. He was a very intelligent and enterprising man and his business prospects of the first." 793. iii. Hannah Foote, b. 1779; m. Elijah Miller, of Auburn, N.Y. She d. Mar., 1811, in Williamstown, Mass., at her father's home. Their daughter Frances Adeline, married William Henry Seward. 794. iv. Justin Foote, b. 1781; d. Oct., 1811, in Williamstown, Mass.
  • ii. Isaac Foote, b. 4 Jan., 1746; d. at ___; Served in the revolution and later served as a judge. He m. Mary Kellogg daughter of Jonathan Kellogg of Colchester; “Judge Foote only had the benefit of the common school education of those primitive times, but that he improved it well there is abundant evidence. He was not an orator, but on occasion he was called upon to make public address... In the common schools of that town and in his early puritan home, he received that sound, but plain elementary instruction and that religious training which fitted him for a long life of practical usefulness, of strict integrity, and the most consistent piety." [Foot Fam;1;88], Children [Foot Fam;1;88-89]: 1) Mary Foote, b. 27 Feb., 1769; Margaret Parsons Foote, m. Henry Cady; Isaac, died infancy; Isaac Foote, m. Harriet Hyde; Amasa Foote; Ashael Foote; John Foote, married his cousin, Harriet Foote, Delhi New York; Hiram Foote.
  • iii. Eli Foote, b. 30 Oct., 1747; he died at Winton, North Carolina, 8 Sep 1792 (aged 44) and is buried in the Dickinson Cemetery there. He married Roxanna Ward, daughter of Andrew Ward and Dianna Hubbard [Foot Fam;1;48, findagrave, Ward Gen.;]. (Their daughter Roxanna married Lyman Beecher.) Eli was a shipping merchant, and partner in the importing business with his brothers Ebenezer and Justin as well as his nephew John. He died of yellow fever in North Carolina [1]
  • iv. Margaret Foote, b. 31 May, 1749; d. 14 Dec., 1752 [Foot Fam;1;48].
  • v. Martha Foote, b. 27 Jan., 1751; she at Newburgh, New York, 30 June, 1797, ae. 46 [findagrave memorial 189749935]; she m. at ___ 8 Dec., 1768 John Barney, son of John Barney and Sarah Luther of Dighton and Taunton, Massachusetts [findagrave memorial 141757980]; John Barney was born at ___; he died at Providence, Rhode Island, 13 Dec 1814, ae. 66–67, [findagrave memorial 189749598] res. Colchester and Norwich, Conn. and Newburg, N.Y. [Foot Fam;1;48]. Children, b. Colchester? [Foot Fam;1;48]: 1) John Barney, b. ___; 2) Daniel Barney, b. ___; 3) Eli Barney, b. Colchester 11 Mar 1773; he died at Geneva, New York, 11 Sep 1809, ae. 36 [findagrave memorial 189750287]; 4) Harry Barney, b. ___.
  • vi. Margaret Foote, b. 24 May, 1752; d. at Jan., 1807 [Foot Fam;1;48]; she m. at __ 11 Nov., 1778 Rev. Emmerson Foster of Killingly, Conn. [Foot Fam;1;48], son of ___ . Children, b. ___ [Foot Fam;1;48]: 1) Nathaniel E. Foster, b. ___; 2) Margaret Parsons Foster, b. ___; 3) Isaac Foster; 4) Hannah Foster; 5) Whitney Foster; 6) Harriet Foster, b.
  • vii. Ann Foote, b. 11 April, 1754; she d. at ___ 15 Dec., 1808, æ. ___ [Foot Fam;1;48]; she m. at ___ Gen. Thompson Joseph Skinner, son of ___ []; he d. ___. Children, b. ___ [Foot Fam;1;48]: 1) Thompson Joseph Skinner, b. ___; 2) Mary Skinner, b. ___; 3) Thomas Skinner; 4) Ann Skinner; 5) Eliza Skinner; 6) George Dennison Skinner.
  • viii. Ebenezer Foote, b. 12 April, 1756; d. at Arbor Hill, Delhi, New York, 28 Dec., 1829 [Foot Fam;1;93]; buried in ___ ; he m. 10 Oct., 1779 Jerusha Purdy [Foot Fam;1;93], daughter of Abram Purdy and Phebe Strang and, 2d, ___ Rosencranz, daughter of ___ [Foot Fam;1;93].
  • ix. Stephen Foote, b. 10 Jan., 1758; d. at ___; he m. Hannah Waterman [Foot Fam;1;48], daughter of Nehemiah Waterman of Borzah, Connecticut. He d. Mar. 23, 1843. She d. Jan. 20, 1844, ae. 82. Resided Colchester. Their children were: i. Alfred Foote, b. Dec. 8, 1787; d. June 23, 1867, in Colchester; unmarried. ii. Daniel Foote, b. Sept. 23, 1789; m. Sarah Ann Scovelle. 819. iii. Sarah Isham Foote, b. May 4, 1791; m. Oct. 10, 1819, Erastus Watrous, of Montpelier, Vermont. She d. July 4, 1831. Ch.: (1) Sarah Foote, b. Aug. 15, 1820. (2) Daniel Foote, b. May 10, 1823. 820. iv. Eli Foote, b. May 7, 1793; m. Marana Lyons, 1949-55.? v. William Henry Foote, b. Dec. 20, 1794; m. Eliza Wilson Glasse and Arabella Gillman. vi. Susannah Waterman Foote, b. Aug. 18, 1796; d. June 23, 1867, in Colchester, Ct.; unm.
  • x. John Foote, b. 17 Feb. 1760, he d. ; he m. at ___ Hannah Johnson, "widow of Dr. Johnson" [Foot Fam;1;48] daughter of ___ They lived in Colchester Connecticut and Williamstown, Massachusetts. [No findagrave ref to these.]
  • xi. Justin Foote, b. July 31, 1762; m. Maria Evertson. They resided some years in Brooklyn, N.Y. He d. in Saybrook or Guilford, Ct. He was a merchant, a man of business and of integrity, and highly respected. Died 8 Dec. 1840, buried Foote-Ward Cemetery, Guilford, Connecticut. [2] Another Justin Foote apparently died 1811 Williamstown?, or died 1826, [Delh;gs] buried Arbor hill?
  • xii. Child, “name not given, d. in infancy.” [Foot Fam;1;48]

Findagrave.com: Asahel Foote BIRTH 16 Dec 1804 Williamstown, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, USA. DEATH 15 Jul 1882 Williamstown, BURIAL Eastlawn Cemetery Williamstown, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, USA MEMORIAL ID 155243484 married Mary Smedley.

Daniel Foote married, 2d, at 31 July, 1766 Mary Thompson, daughter of, widow of Rev. Thomas Skinner of Colchester, Conn.; she d. 1814, æ. 96 [Foot Fam;1;48].

Daniel Foote was a professor of religion,—a grave and venerable man of the highest respectability; resided Colchester, Conn. and Williamstown, Mass. —Foot Fam;1;48

Roxanna Foote

Roxanna Ward Foote, niece of Ebenezer and mother of Roxanna Ward Beecher.

Roxanna Foote Beecher BIRTH 10 Jan 1775 DEATH 24 Sep 1816 BURIAL Foote-Ward Cemetery Guilford, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA GPS Add coordinates MEMORIAL ID 17148568

Eli Foote

Foote, Eli (30 Oct. 1747–9 Sept. 1792) by T. C. Parramore, 1986:

Eli Foote, merchant, was born in Colchester, Conn. the son of Daniel and Margaret Parsons Foote. Educated for the practice of law, Foote was the only Tory in a large family of Whigs during the American Revolution. His wife, Roxana, was the daughter of General Andrew Ward, a renowned patriot. Bereft of influence and the opportunity for professional advancement at the close of the war, Eli sought a livelihood for himself, his wife, and their six children in maritime commerce at Guilford, Conn. Failing in an enterprise involving the building of a ship for seagoing trade, he became a partner of his brother, Justin Foote, on a trading voyage to North Carolina in 1789. The pair took up winter quarters at Murfreesboro, a village that had been incorporated and laid out only in the preceding year. Owners of a schooner, the Foote brothers began to develop a three-cornered trade involving North Carolina farm produce and naval stores exchanged for New England and West Indian goods.

Eli established residence at Winton, on the Chowan River ten miles below Murfreesboro, which is located on the Meherrin River, an arm of the Chowan.

Between 1789 and 1792 the Footes sponsored several trading voyages to Martinique, St. Croix, St. Martin's, and St. Eustatius. Their Murfreesboro warehouse was packed with articles of commerce when, on the night of 17 Apr. 1791, they became victims of Murfreesboro's first crime of record. Thieves broke into the warehouse and made off with chintz, linen, silk, and other goods. Most of the stolen merchandise was recovered the next day, but the responsibility of prosecuting the thieves fell to Eli, who found it necessary to remain in North Carolina during the following summer to testify against them. In August 1792 he contracted yellow fever, dying in delirium at Winton. His gravestone, which still stands at Winton, lists the date of his death as August 1791 and his age as fifty-five (he was actually forty-four). The reason for the errors is that his gravestone was not erected until 1822 by order of the will of General Joseph F. Dickinson, in whose family cemetery Foote had been buried.

Justin Foote, in company with John P. Foote, Eli's son, continued in seasonal commerce in the Albemarle Sound area for more than a quarter of a century after Eli's death.

The ten children who survived the death of Eli Foote included his daughter Roxana who, in 1799, married the Reverend Lyman Beecher and became the mother of Harriet Beecher Stowe. It may have been the family's acquaintance with the Albemarle region that led Mrs. Stowe to use it as the locale for one of her novels, Dred: A Tale of the Dismal Swamp (1856).

  • This article is from the Dictionary of North Carolina Biography, 6 volumes, edited by William S. Powell. Copyright ©1979-1996 by the University of North Carolina Press. Used by permission of the publisher. For personal use and not for further distribution. Please submit permission requests for other use directly to the publisher.


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