David Fairbanks Ford

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David Fairbanks Ford and his Cadillac, Estelle, at the Texas State Fair Grounds in Dallas, Texas on a research, collection, and study trip through the deep, moss-covered South. Photo: Scott Severa, 1999.
A lecture at the Robert Hull Fleming Museum in Burlington. The audience watches in horror as the canned mink get blurry. There's a ghost in the hall, apparently. Photo: Matt Bucy, 2000, c.e.
Dff, by Jack Rowell. 2003.
A Bostonian at the grassy knoll. In front of the Book Depository. Across the street from the Conspiracy Museum.

David Fairbanks Ford founded the Main Street Museum since 1992. He is a member of several old Vermont families, one branch of which are the “poor cousins” of the Fairbanks family of St. Johnsbury who founded the Fairbanks Museum. He has lectured and curated at the Dartmouth College, Norwich University, St. Michaels College and The University of Vermont and most recently, in 2009, at the Taxter/Spengemann gallery in New York City. However, taking the Sea-Monster to the historic Tunbridge fairgrounds, as well as having his art-car entered in the (now quite historic as well) Tunbridge Demolition Derby must be considered career highlights.


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