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The Homer Laughlin Company produced Fiesta Dinnerware, but the design came from Frederick Hurten Rhead in 1936. The Art Deco styling and flavorful colors made the line a hit. The original five colors were Red, Yellow, Ivory, Light Green, & Ivory, to which Turquoise was added in 1937. Of these colors, Red, Yellow, & Ivory used Uranium as colorant in the glazes. When the government took control of Uranium for WWII in 1943, Fiesta red was discontinued and other glazes were altered. The red reappeared in 1959, using depleted Uranium.

  1. Radioactive Red. 11” Riviera platter
  2. Yellow. Riviera salt-shaker
  3. Yellow. Harlequin creamer
  4. Light Green. Rivera covered sugar bowl. no uranium
  5. Yellow. Harlequin covered sugar bowl
  6. Yellow. Riviera pepper-shaker
  7. Yellow. 11” Harlequin platter
  8. Red & Yellow. Harlequin cup & saucer
  9. Yellow & Red. Harlequin cup & saucer
  10. Yellow. Harlequin demitasse cup and saucer

Visit the present-day Homer Laughlin company to keep up with the current line of Fiesta.


Irwin Garber founded Inarco in 1960 out of Cleveland, Ohio. An importer of ceramic and glass floral containers and giftware, the company was bought out in 1986 by Japanese giftware distributor Napco. The company then moved to Jacksonville, Florida.

Selections from the Collection

  1. Mood Indigo. Hanging wall platter
  2. Set of 3 rodents. Hanging wall ceramics
  3. Mood Indigo. Flower vase
  4. Spaniel. With blue bow on head
  5. Baby Deer, or Fawn, Figurine. With large eyes
  6. Swirling Leaves. Teapot
  7. Creme de Menthe. Juice pitcher
  8. Mood Indigo. Coffeepot
  9. Mood Indigo. Carafe

Curator, Christopher Wendell Comperry, intern for the Main Street Museum, 2007.