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An Overview

The Flora and Fauna collections represent invasive species from the infrastructure of an economically marginal Vermont downtown. Our dried cats are not true mummies; they are merely dehydrated. Our local collections of knotweed, dogweed and [loosestrife]] (Lythrum salicaria) are presented alongside historic and geographically significant specimens representing the various cultures of the earth. Paving stones from Rome and cobblestones from our local railroad underpass are preserved here as well as asphalt from Los Angeles, New Orleans and Baltimore. Coffee cups and aspirin bottles from now defunct work places in White River Jct. are displayed alongside bricks from Monticello, masonry from the Alamo in Texas (and the Forteleza in San Juan), and dried rose specimens (family Rosaceae) from Robert Todd Lincoln’s—and gardenia from Jefferson and Varina Davis’s—houses.

The Flora category of the Main Street Museum features artifacts of vegetable or botanical origin, or artifacts or evidence relating to botany. Most items are dehydrated either loosely, on pins, or pressed flat.

Subcategories include but are not limited to: