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  • Frederick Parsons Foote (Ebenezer,6 Daniel,5 Nathaniel,4,3,2,1):

Frederick Parsons Foote was born Mar 15 1783 to Ebenezer Foote and Jerusha Purdy of Delhi, Delaware county, New York. [Foote Fam Rec; Foote Fam;1;93, Delhi;g.s.]

He died at Livorno (Leghorn), Italy, February 3, 1827 and was interred in the English Cemetery there, was apparently, at a later date reinterred at the Foote Family Cemetery, Delhi, New York [Foote Fam;1;93, Foote Fam Rec, Ebenezer Foote Papers Princeton; burial officiated by Charles Neat[?] "British Chaplin at Leghorn".]

He married February 6, 1808 Charlotte Welles, daughter of ___ of Kingston New York [fff; Foote Rec]. She died 30 June, 1820 and is buried in the Foote Family Cemetery, Arbor Hill, Delhi, New York. [The Arbor Hill Cemetery is indexed and photographed, here:

"He held a command as General on the frontier during the Mexican War the hardships of which so injured his health that at the close of the war he sought its restoration in the mild climate of Italy" [Foote Fam;1;93]

  • i Harriet Elizabeth Foote, b. Nov 4 1808 d. Dec 3 1825
  • ii Justin Foote, b. Oct 8 1811 d. Feb 4 1826 and buried Foote Cemetery, Arbor Hill.
  • iii Margaret Parsons Foote, b. Mar 26 1814. She married Rev. Mr. Montieth of Fanday's Bush, New York.


Frederick appears to have had tuberculosis ("consumption"), a common ailment of this family. Dying at a, comparatively, young age deprived his father, Ebenezer of quite a lot. There are very few references to this in papers. Here is one, from Katherine Adelia Foote [EFtF]:

Letter from Ebenezer Foote to his brother, Justin [or perhaps john?-dff] Delhi September 1st 1825

My Dear Brother.

Your letter to me by your grandson is before me. The truth is, my cares and perplexities allow but little time for writing, other than what my business renders absolutely necessary, and I find that, as much as my eyes will enable me to do. Sickness in my family, or in some of its branches, has been constant for more than four years. It has deprived me altogether of the aid of my son Frederick, who, I once expected to be the staff and support of my old age, and for a year past Charles has been in such a state of health as to excite the most alarming fears, and my daughter Harriet, who has had the charge of his children since the death of his wife, is not now able to take care of herself. Frederick's wife will probably not survive many days, and his daughter, one of the finest and best girls in the county, has strong symptoms of the consumption. . . .
Your affectionate brother Ebenezer Foote.

"The following list contains all the property of the late Brigadier General Frederick P. Foote" Princeton Manuscripts and Special Collections:

Sir! The following list contains all the property of the late Brigadier General Frederick P. Foote, that we have at present any knowledge of.

  • to wit: one dog wagon for use at saw-mill, & one bob slead, both have been in use about four years — Military equipments for Brigadier General, consisting of Coat, vest, pantaloons, epaulette, boots, spurs, hat, sword, & belt, saddle, bridle, holsters, & pistols, all nearly new, and of good quality.
  • a few unsettled accounts of small amount, and at present not known, whether the balance will be in favor, or against the Estate. in addition to this, there is a share in some lumber, got on a contract with him, part of the Net Proceeds of which, when sold in Market, will belong to the Estate, but what the amount may be is in possible to ascertain until sold, and even the sale of which we have no control.

What amount of property may have been left by him at Leghorn, or whether any more than enough to pay the expenses of his sickness & funeral, is to us unknown, as we have not had any accounts sent to us, as to these facts. The forgoing statement is correct, according to the of our knowledge & belief, and as far as we are able, is a compliance with your order. if you are pleased to grant us further time, until we can hear from Leghorn, and the sale of the lumber takes place, a more full & satisfactory return can be made. All which is respectfully Submitted —

Ebenezer Foote }
EK Maxwell } Executors of the last will of Frederick P. Foote deceased—

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