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Food for the Apocalyspe

Glassware and "Stand-ins" for Historic Glassware

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Metal Containers

  • food
  • tobacco
  • cleaning products

Household Items


Bottle for Medicinal Salve attributed to Dr. Edward Williams and the treatment of Phineas T. Gage, Cavendish, Vermont, September 13, 1848. (Dr. Williams was the first doctor to examine and treat Gage after the accident.) Blue glass with traces of unguent. 19th Century.

Brown paper was wrapped around this artifact which was tied with string. Connections to the Williams family are seen in this item which was found among some items of historical interest belonging to Alice Lovell Eaton, librarian for the Norman Williams public library in Woodstock. Some of these, in turn, were preserved by Eaton’s first-cousin’s wife’s sister, Clara Richardson, a long time bookkeeper for the grocery and hardware store in town and an equally long-term volunteer for the local historical society.