Keys to Understanding Russia and Vermont

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Some of the keys from the Main Street Museum collection that will be exhibited in St. Petersburg, Russia this summer.

We all have Keys. Keys in our pockets. Keys in a 
drawer in our rooms. Keys in an old coat that 
we haven’t worn in years. They may 
open doors—somewhere. 
Some open locks that are long gone. Some start cars that have been sold—cars that have been crushed and turned into new cars. We don’t remember the locks, but we may remember the car, the lover’s apartment, the best friend’s borrowed bike. The trigger to our 
memories can be a key. Now is the time to do something with the 
keys, and with the stories behind them. Main Street Museum invites you to bring us your keys. An exhibition is scheduled at the Anna Akhmatova Museum in the Sheremetev Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia. We will exhibit these keys in May, 2011 alongside other Russian cultural artifacts. Ordinary or rare, they all will have some story to tell. Then we will accession them into the permanent collection and exhibit them in a special exhibition in Vermont 
during the summer months. To be a part of this, simply bring us your old keys, and we will record their stories. These need not be specific—“keys of mystery” are sometimes the best of all! (And you are 
welcome to submit keys anonymously.) — Большое спасибо, from the Main Street Museum!

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Very Small Plastic Key. Inscribed: "Affection". Exhibited St. Petersburg, Russia, Summer, 2011.