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accessed, 2018:

A Good Run: Maple Syrup's Sweet Journey by Judy Smith. Follow Sap the Droplet into the Jordan Sugar Bush and learn the process of sap to syrup from the first drop in the bucket to the boiling and taste testing. The Jordan family produces maple syrup ever year and it is important to have "A Good Run!" $10.00

Freemen Awake! Rally Songs and Poems from New York's Anti-Rent Movement The latest publication from the Delaware County Historical Association. Edited and introduced by SUNY Oneonta English Professor, Roger W. Hecht, Freemen Awake! brings together nearly three dozen songs and poems written by the farmers of the Catskills during New York's Anti-Rent movement in the 1840s and 1850s. 92 pages, with numerous images and illustrations. $15.00. 

Hats Off: Notable Women of Delaware County by Mary Jane Henderson and Barbara Coleman. Hats Off is a compilation of stories highlighting thirty different women spanning four centuries. Learn about the connection to Delaware County of two women who became First Ladies of the United States, women who campaigned for their right to vote, "The Female Hunter," and many more. Hats Off features many images and, at almost 200 pages, provides a slightly different angle from which to view Delaware County's history. $15.00.

Delaware County: Images of America by Tim Duerden and Ray LaFever. The Images of America series celebrates the history of neighborhoods, towns, and cities across the country. Using archival photographs, each title presents the distinctive stories from the past that shape the character of the community today. All images in this volume are drawn from the DCHA's extensive photographic archives showing the history of Delaware County. $21.99 

Once Upon a Time... There Was a Cannonsville Valley by Georgiana Merwin. Copyright 1996. After the annual Cannonsville Reunion in 1995 Ms. Merwin began compiling her memories and information from people who lived in or near the Cannonsville Community. This book is the result of her work. 130 pages, lots of photos. $15.00

Picturing the Catskills: The Photography of Bob Wyer, 1938-1978 highlights the images of Bob Wyer, a Delaware County, NY photographer who was active from the late 1930s until the late 1970s. The black and white images featured in the book are representative of Wyer's entire career and are arranged into themes that form the chapters of the book: Agriculture; Amusements; Community Activities; Crime, Accidents & Disasters; People & Places; Work. Viewed together in this one volume of over 150 pages, Picturing the Catskills provides a marvelous window through which to look back on our collective history. $20.00

The Quarry Fox and Other Critters of the Wild Catskills by Leslie T. Sharpe. The Quarry Fox is the first in-depth study of Catskill wildlife since John Burroughs essentially invented the nature-writing genre in the 19th century. Sharpe deftly weaves her experiences with the seasons, plants and creatures with their natural history, revealing their sensitivity to and resilience against the splendor and cruelty of Nature. $25.00. 

Apples of New York by A.L. DuBois. Tells the story of how New York State became the Big Apple beginning with the colonists importing their beloved apples from Europe and going though the Revolutionary War, Civil War and both World Wars. This book reveals the surprising connection with the Harlem Renaissance, Russia, and so much more. Included are 26 full color, full page Botanical paintings of heritage apples by the author. Includes a list of apple festivals in the state and some heritage and modern recipes. $30.00

I Was Corning a Beaver, Like You Do: John Burroughs, Joe Hewitt, Mountain Culture by Bill Birns. This booklet is a 15,000 word essay exploring the reality of Mountain Culture, the way of life the author found 45 years ago when he came to live, work and raise a family in the mountains. $10.00

The Myth in the Mountain by Bill Birns. Open these pages to a Catskill Mountain village where history and myth blend. Events remembered open into events that maybe never were. These poems of one mountain valley reverberate with ridgeline rhythms of happenings half-remembered, half-dreamed: a native seeking his vision quest; a captive missionary forced through the wilderness; great men wagering on the meaning of freedom; plain men and women struggling to carve, from the wilderness, a life. $5.00 


A Catskill Catalog by Bill Birns. For more then three years, Bill Birns, of Fleischmanns, has explored the history, geography, art and culture of the Catskills in a weekly essay published in the Catskill Mountain News. Some of these essays are now compiled in A Catskill Catalog, published by Purple Mountain Press. In 84 essays, he takes his readers on 800-word journeys of discovery, compact vignettes, windows into mountain history, mountain people, and mountain life. $18.00

The Catskill Forest: A History by Michael Kudish. Published in August 2000, this book is the result of more than 30 years of research on the Catskill forest. It includes 25 maps showing the distribution of species and forest-products industries in addition to a full-color, large fold-out map that shows the extent of the first growth forest, second and third growth forest, agricultural lands, burned areas, reforested areas, and landslides. Five sections look at plant migrations to the region following the last glaciation, the impact of people on the forest, the forest regrown, mountain ranges, forest industries. A must for anyone who loves the Catskills. $45.00

The Catskills: A Geological Guide (Expanded Edition) by Robert and Johanna Titus. First published in 1993 Robert and Johanna Titus have revised and expanded The Catskills: A Geological Guide. Come visit and learn about the great geological history hidden in the region's rocks and landscapes. This book will explain the geological history of the Catskills in a way that is informative and entertaining, and also act as a guide to places where that history can be seen and even felt. Here is the story of continental collisions, lost mountain ranges, and primitive fossil creatures lost in an ancient sea. $22.50

Catskills in the Ice Age by Robert Titus. The Catskills landscape is largely the product of ice age sculpting of 20,000 years ago. Readers will see the Catskills as they never did before. $15.00

Catskill Mountain Resorts Reached by the Delaware & Ulster R.R. 1907 Originally published in 1907 this guide to the resorts of the Catskill Mountains describes the benefits of summering in the Catskills, along with the beauty, temperate climate, and sanitary advantages of the region. This book also describes the Ulster and Delaware System in that year. $19.95

Catskill Trails, A Ranger's Guide to the High Peaks, Book One, the Northern Catskills by Edward G. Henry. $14.95

Catskill Trails, A Rangers Guide to the High Peaks, Book Two, the Central Catskills by Edward G. Henry $14.95

Catskills: A Winter Sports Guide by George V. Quinn. A guide to multiple winter sports to help you enjoy the splendor and serenity of the Catskills and Shawangunks. $12.50

Catskill Ethnic Resorts: A Guide to Records The records examined in this detailed survey frame an interesting history of Catskill resorts. $5.00

Catskill Mountain Bluestone by Alf Evers, Robert Titus and Tim Weidner. The story of a great Catskills industry, bluestone. "By the end of the 19th Century, an estimated 10,000 men worked bluestone in New York. The Catskills were riddled with quarries. As concrete sidewalks replaced bluestone, the industry declined [until recently]…Scores of new mines have been opened in the last six years, and many old ones have been reactivated. Bluestone, which had shrunk to little more than memories - is now a $100 million-a-year industry" - The New York Times (5/13/08). $6.50

A Painter's Path through the Catskill Mountains by Robert Selkowitz. This book features fifty of Selkowitz' Catskill Region landscape pastels along with a series of maps showing where the pastels were painted, creating a tour of the Catskill Park through three counties. The paintings depict the area around the Ashokan Reservoir, views from Ohayo mountain and the Woodstock vicinity, along the Esopus and Stony Clove Creeks and Kaaterskill Falls, and near Roxbury and Andes. $24.95

Catskill Weather by Jerome Thaler. Details unique Catskill weather with data and historical information from a network of local volunteer observers with the National Weather Service. $9.50

The Heart of the Catskills by Bob Steuding. The story of the Southern Catskills; this often neglected region from its earliest settlers, its tanneries, its first guides, the demise of the passenger pigeon and discovery of a previously unknown bird, the introduction of deer and the visits of famous people, to the coming of the Ulster and Delaware railroad and the dawn of the tourism era, epitomized by the Grand Hotel above Pine Hill. $15.00

Hudson Valley & Catskill Mountains: An Explorer's Guide - Includes Saratoga Springs & Albany by Joanne Michaels. Completely revised 8th edition includes hundreds of places to dine and stay. Includes detailed maps and reviews about accommodations, eateries and activities that will appeal to both affluent travelers and those seeking special value. $21.95

In the Catskill Mountains: A Personal Approach to Nature by Walter F. Meade. Farmer, photographer and naturalist Walt Meade shares his view of the region's beauty in essays and stunning color photos. A terrific gift for anyone who loves the Catskills. Hardcover. $15.00

Mayhem in the Catskills by Norm Van Valkenburgh. The gripping sequel to the exciting mystery, Murder In the Catskills.$12.50

Mischief in the Catskills by Norm Van Valkenburgh. His third mystery in the series. Five short stories. $12.50

Murder in the Catskills by Norman Van Valkenburgh. The Catskills serve as the setting for this exciting murder mystery. $12.50

Murder in the Shawangunks by Norman J. Van Valkenburgh. This is the fourth mystery in a series starring the detective character Ward Eastman. This book also includes Class of '68, a mystery by Airilee Ellyn Blessing, Van Valkenburgh's daughter. He edited her manuscript for publication following her death. $12.50

Murder at the Streamside and Murder at the Reservoir by Norman J. VanValkenburgh. The popular surveyor-sleuth returns to the Catskills to find murder and mayhem at the sites of the Pepacton and Ashokan Reservoirs, two mysteries in one volume. $12.50

Old Stone Walls: Catskill Land and Lore by Norman Van Valkenburgh. This book contains narratives of the author, a land surveyor, who roamed the Catskill hills looking for lost corners and boundary lines among stone walls and found people, vistas and experiences worth remembering. $12.50

The Other Side of Time: Essays by "The Catskill Geologist" by Robert Titus. Professor Titus has developed a remarkable ability to reach out and communicate Catskill geological history to the general public in his many articles in Kaatskill Lifemagazine. But few know Titus has also written hundreds of newspaper columns as well. Now he gets a chance to reprint his favorite articles. If you love Catskill and Hudson Valley landscapes, this book will present insights that you will find nowhere else. $15.00

A Postcard Portrait with Memorabilia of John Burroughs Literary Naturalist by Dorothy Unruh Bloodgood. This biography of John Burroughs is illustrated with postcards from the author's extensive collection. It is a lovingly compiled account of his life, with a warm introduction by his granddaughter, Elizabeth Burroughs Kelley. The cover is illustrated with rare full-color photos of Slabsides and Woodchuck Lodge, both interior and exterior, taken from the Hope Farm Press collection. $11.95

Women of the Catskills: Stories of Struggle, Sacrifice and Hope by Richard Heppner. From the home to industrious, strong and creative individuals, the women of the Catskills have embodied this rugged sprit best. Though often over looked in Catskill Mountain history, their stories are inspiring, like that of Candace Wheeler, who used her rural upbringing to achieve personal success and improve life for others. They are personal, such as Lucy Lobdell's story - a century ahead of her time, she challenged conventional thoughts on equality and lifestyle. Most of all they reflect the spirit of their surroundings. As independent women like Marion Bullard challenged the status quo to build a better community. Overcoming the physical challenges of mountain life and the societal obstacles they faced because of their gender, Catskill's most fearless women are revealed by local historian Richard Heppner. $19.99


160 Fair Years: The Story of the Delaware County Fair 1841-2001 by Ruth Bean. Documents the history of the Fair in Delaware County from the first Fair in Delhi on October 12, 1841 to fairs in the modern era at the Walton Fairgrounds. $10.00

A History of Delaware County, New York: A Catskill Land and Its People, 1797-2007 by Tim Duerden. From a "howling wilderness" to weekend retreat, this book is the first general history of the county since 1949. In this volume Duerden examines the numerous strands of the region's past over the last 250 years and in so doing creates a general synopsis of those events that so affect our present. Land use is at the fore of this tale of our remote upland county, now very much a part of the vast hinterland of New York City. Once the haunt of Native Americans, the county became home to hardy pioneer families, farmers and trades people, each group with its own particular needs to be derived from the land. Eventually land use issues come to dominate the local scene, as documented by the stories of the Anti-Rent War, the construction of the railroads and highways through the region and eventually the creation of the two Delaware County reservoirs for New York's thirsty millions. Exactly how our land is to be best utilized is, of course, very much a part of our present. Over 120 photographs and images! $20.00

A Sheriff's Mounted Division in Delaware County New York Complied by Bernice Mable Graham Telian. A history of the Delaware County Mounted Division with photos and newspaper articles. $22.50

Civil War Record of the 144th Regiment New York Volunteer Infantry by James Harvey McKee. Accurate and personal history of the regiment as recorded in war diaries and letters of soldiers and officers. $36.00

Dear Wife, Letters of a Civil War Soldier. Edited by Jack. C. Davis. A young Civil War soldier writes to his wife about his experiences at Hilton Head, South Carolina during the last year of the war. Literate and bright, Pvt. Daniel White tells of the events that surround his post and comments on Sherman's march through South Carolina and the feelings of the men upon the news of Lincoln's death. Originally published in 1992. $15.00

Delaware County 4-H: 75 Years of Fun and Friendship published by Cornell Cooperative Extension. Hundreds of photographs present a picture of 4-H life from Camp Shankitunk to the County Fair. $7.50

Delaware County's War Papers edited by Shirley Houck, Ann Marie Garti and Hugh Riddell. This second printing gives Abstracts of Revolutionary War Applications, Pension Laws and Relevant Contemporary Events in Delaware County. $6.00

Farm Work & Fair Play essay by Dr. Joyce Ice, photos by Drew Harty for the Delaware County Historical Association. The history of the Delaware County Fair, the competition, and the fun behind the scenes. Beautiful color photos highlight a fascinating text. $4.95

Farms and Forges: Artisans and Shops on the Delaware County Farmstead by Kathryn Grover, published by DCHA. The contributions of farmer-artisans to rural communities are examined through the history of the Amos Wood gunshop and the Woodin blacksmith shop. $5.95

Forget Me Not: An Album of Memories by Mary Jane Reichel Henderson. Selected images of actual pages from Delaware County autograph albums fill this amazing book. Examples of script and verses from the 1850s to the 1950s are shown. $18.95

Good Times - Delaware County's Community Album by Linda Norris. More than 125 historic photographs and excerpts from diaries and oral histories show us how it used to be. This book captures the fun of picnics and house parties, bicycling and boating, and just plain relaxing on the front porch in Delaware County. $10.00

Historic Delaware County in Postcards. The perfect gift: 32 detachable historic Delaware County postcards including scenes of a barn raising, the Sidney Center railroad trestle, and Main Street, Walton. At least one card from every town.$5.00

John Burroughs - An American Naturalist by Edward J. Renehan, Jr. The first full biography of the dean of American nature writers to be published since 1925. $19.95

Lost Villages: Historic Driving Tours in the Catskills 2nd printing by Mary Robinson Sive. Details historic structures and sites throughout Delaware County with driving tours to get you there. Includes schoolhouses, cemeteries, villages that once were thriving settlements, "Lost Villages" can be a godsend to genealogists as well as an interesting book for both new and old Delaware County residents. Maps and histories of communities are also included. $15.95

The Old Watering Trough by John Raitt. Noted author and long-time Delaware County historian, John Raitt, brings to life stories from Delaware County's past. $12.00

Ruts in the Road, Volumes 1-3 by John Raitt. A popular collection of John Raitt's local history columns, exploring business, industry, political developments and local characters. Each volume, $12.00 (Note: Vol. 4 is out of print.)

World War II Home Front Scrapbook by John D. Crocker. General news of the Delaware County home front and individual stories of local soldiers on the European and Pacific front from letters, interviews and newspaper articles. $15.00


A Look Back at Hobart, NY: On the 125th Anniversary of the Village Incorporation 1888 - 2013 Complied by James G. Meagley. In honor of the 125th anniversary of the founding of Hobart this book provides a detailed history of the early settlement - the history of the village's name, its schools, early churches and other cultural artifacts, cemeteries, agricultural and supporting businesses, and inhabitants - along with maps of the evolving roads and land parcels. A walking tour documents every property in the village, every owner and resident, every building and use through time. $20.00

Around Roxbury: Images of America by Anthony Liberatore and Lynette Hinkley Liberatore. Around Roxbury looks at the history of the area, from the 1800s to the mid-1900s. Farms, thriving businesses, fine hotels, boardinghouses, and community gatherings all contributed to the growth of Roxbury. $21.99 

An Unconventional Childhood: Growing up in the Catskill Mountains During the 1950s and 1860s by Marilyn Mayes Kaltenborn. A memoir that reflects the author's recollections of her experiences over a period of years. Most people spend large parts of their childhood trying to hide questionable activities form their parents. Marilyn and her brothers actively sought (and received) permission form their parents for such activities as smoking starting at age two and a half, riding bicycles and roller-skating around the dining room table, and riding couch cushions down the carpeted stairs. $15.00

As the River Runs: A History of Halcottsville, New York by Diane Galusha. Letters, diaries, photos and interviews bring this small Delaware County community to life. $15.00

A World in a Grain of Sand: The Photographs of Jennie Fuller 1901-1937 by Robert Rosen. The pioneer work of Jennie Fuller, an unknown photographer who lived in Meredith, NY. $12.00.

Bisbee's General Store 1900 - 1976 by Bob Rosen. This book is based on an exhibit the Meredith Historical Society put together in 2010. Includes pictures, newspaper clippings, documents and personal recollections from local residents who remembered the store. $12.00

Bull: The rise and fall of Meridale Farms by Bob Rosen. The untold story of the rise and fall of the largest jersey cattle-breeding farm in America. Located in a small town in upstate New York, Meridale Farms became the center of one of the many speculative bubbles that led to the Great Depression. A rip-roaring tale, a moving portrait of America and how it got to be that way. $12.00

Colchester: People and Places Remembered 1792 - 1992, The Bicentennial Edition. Edited by Thomas A. Flannery, Susan L. Koon and Arthur M. Merrill. Originally produced by the Colchester Historical Society for the town's bicentennial, this book explores such topics as the town's people, schools, churches, organizations, work, and more folk and more lore.$25.00

Davenport, Fact and Fancy: The Story of One Small Town in Delaware County, NY by Mary S. Briggs; & Alan M. Strout, Editor and Co-contributor. The story of Davenport - its past, its present and even speculation about its future. $30.00 

Delhi Boys: Civil War Letters by James White. A fascinating collection of letters home written by brothers William and Hiram Stoutenberg and Jehial Mosgrip - all soldiers who went off to fight in the war. $20.00.

First Grandmother of Walton by Arthur W. North. 1926 dedication of an inscribed monument honoring the 1776 grandmother Margaret Furman North erected by her descendants. $3.00

The Founding and Growth Beerston Presbyterian Church - 1888 - 1953 by Beatrice G. Bennett. Reprint of 1953 book with a sequel by Bea Bennett in 2014. $15.00 

From Chiaramonte to Shepard Hill by Eleanor Belmont and the Walton Historical Society. The story of the Italian immigrant families who settled in Walton. $7.80

The Happy Valley by Arthur W. North. Thoughts expressed here support the name "Happy Valley" that pioneer settlers gave to Walton. Reprint. $3.00

History of East Meredith, Volume 1, 2, & 3 by Elma Hetherington Mitchell. Reprint. Volume 1 was originally printed in 1973, Volume 2 in 1976 and Volume 3 in 1986. These three volumes have been reprinted into a single book with some factual errors corrected. Volume 1 & 2 include the settlement of the area from early 1800s through post World War II. Volume 3 includes a more detailed history of land, buildings and roads through 1980s. Many residents through the years are indexed by name in Volume 3. Reprinted by The Meredith Historical Society and Hanford Mills Museum. $20.00

The Influence of the Railroad on Walton, New York by Jeannette C. Popp This book looks at the O & W Railroad (the New York, Ontario and Western) and its impact on the people of Delaware County, specifically Walton. $9.00

Lancaster Platt Lupton: The Legacy of a Fur Trader by David Walker Lupton and Dorothy Ruland Lupton. Genealogical history of the Lupton and Townsend families. $5.00

Meridale Farms by Frank M. Waterman. Meridale Farms was the foremost jersey breeding farm in the United States and the second largest Jersey farm in the world. This book chronicles the rise of Meridale Farms to preeminence during the life times of F. W. Ayers and W.W. Fry and its decline until only a vestige remains. Its entire history is included for completeness but, but the emphasis is on the era before 1950 when it was a famous and historic farm, the pride of Meredith. This book includes: the story of the Ayer and Fry families, friend and benefactors of the community, who strove to improve its religious and social life, fostering a real sense of community among its employees and local residents; the story of the Meredith Inn, a popular vacation spot and venue for business meetings, wedding and other social events; and the creamery Mr. Ayer began at Meridale farms to produce high-quality butter that sold for fancy prices in New York City and in Philadelphia. $20.00. 

Mother, You Mustn't Worry So About Us: The Civil War Letters of Clark and James McDonald Edited by Frank M. Waterman. Utilizing the collection of original McDonald family papers at DCHA, Dr. Waterman has drawn together into a single volume 19 letters from Meredith brothers James McDonald and 149 from Clark McDonald. The letters span almost the entire duration of the war and beyond. $20.00 

My Town is a Cathedral: My Memories of Sidney by Chuck D'Imperio. Special Tenth Anniversary Edition. Mr. D'Imperio delivers a brilliant narrative about his coming-of-age in Sidney, NY in the 1950s-1960s. Baby boomers will smile at D'Imperio's cheerful descriptions of the small circumstances and memories that in retrospect, made growing up in rural America so memorable, like "when the short cut to the Sidney pool meant jumping an electric fence and outracing Anne Summerville's horses." My Town also describes the seminal event in the lives of his generation in Sidney - the 1966 Bainbridge Train Wreck - When "hell invade our little sanctuary." $25.00

Old Golden Rule Days - One Room Schoolhouses: Their History, Town of Walton, New York by Beatrice G. Bennett. This book includes stories shared by several teachers and former students. Many photographs of classes and special activities include students and teachers my name. A full-page map shows the location of the schoolhouses past and present. $12.00

One Hundred Years: The Story of a School 1853-1953 (Walton) by Kate Gay Eells. 2nd printing. This history of the Walton schools examines the buildings, principals, teachers, curriculum and extracurricular activities. $6.00

Raising Lincoln's Army by Frank M. Waterman. This book tells the story of the Civil War recruitment effort in Delaware County (in the town of Meredith particularly), primarily through newspaper articles that were published in the Delaware Gazette in Delhi during the war. It also contains a compilation of the men from the town of Meredith, NY who served in the Civil War and their service records. $20.00

The Recollections of a Country Doctor by James A. Holley, MD. First printing 1939, revised second printing by the Walton Historical Society, 2006. An interesting first-hand account of the experiences of a country doctor in the early twentieth century. Dr. Holley spent fifty-three years in the successful practice of medicine in Walton, NY. $12.00

Reminisce of a Lost Village, Rock Rift, NY 1800 - 1955 Sequel to Walking Through Time in Rock Rift by Beatrice G. Bennett. A compressed history of Rock Rift from primitive land holdings to a working community until it was lost to the Cannonsville Reservoir. $30.00

Sidney: Images of America by Erin Andrews and the Sidney Historical Association. A collection of historical photographs chronicles the town of Sidney's evolution through the 19th and 20th centuries, and on through the devastating flood of 2006. Over the years, the town has been home to a silk mill, glassworks, cheese factory, car factory and many other businesses. Notable figures such as New York State police captain Daniel Fox, actor Tom Mix, newspaper editor Arthur Bird and even Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt have lived in or spent time in the town. $21.99

The Story of Walton 1785 to 1975 published by the Walton Historical Society as its contribution to the United States Bicentennial Celebration. $10.00

The Thing of It: Tales of Meredith by Wilfred Jurjens with Robert Rosen. Stories of life in rural upstate NY during the first half of the twentieth century. Illustrated with over 40 photographs. $12.00

Those Rugged Hills and Green Valleys by Evangeline MacLaury. (reprint) Originally printed in 1987 for the Town of Harpersfield Bicentennial, this book presents the history of Harpersfield. Topics include Churches, Education, Social Life, Physicians, Business and the Railroad that almost came. $15.00.

Two Hundred Years of Rolling Suns- Meredith Township 1800-2000 by Bernice Graham Telian. Published as a tribute to the Town of Meredith bicentennial in 2000. Many subjects are addressed in 300+ pages of town history - families, schools, cemeteries, buildings, employment of the area, landmarks, etc. Many photos and illustrations. $25.00

Walking Through Time in Rock Rift by Beatrice Bennett. The history of Rock Rift accompanied by personal recollections and numerous photographs. $14.00

Walton The Early Years Printed by the Walton Historical Society. A series of articles believed to be written by Joshua Pine Jr. originally published in "The Walton Journal" in 1857. Indexed. $5.00

Walton World War History by Arthur W. North. Local historian, Mr. North prepared this account of the Great War 1917 -1918 as the community of Walton experienced it. $2.50

Walton Yesteryears Memories, histories and early photos of one of Delaware County's largest villages. $12.00 

We Lived on Dingle Hill: Historical Notes and Personal Recollections by John D. McLean. A history of the settlement and early times of the Dingle Hill region in the towns of Andes and Middletown, New York. Based on the authors research of local recoded and historical accounts. $20.00

The Wheel of Truth: An Ancestral Saga by Gertrude S. Lowry. Exploring the "roots" of her past, Mrs. Lowry traces her heritage back to the very beginning. She shows how human beings exist on the basis of two principles - the feminine, which is shown in compassion and oneness with Nature, and the masculine, manifested in external achievement. When these principles are in balance, true greatness results, with unfolding of the spirit toward its highest potential. Mrs. Lowry also explores her ancestors move to Delaware County and growing up in Delhi. $10.00

When Cauliflower was King by Diane Galusha. This book chronicles the rise and fall of the cash crop cauliflower in the western Catskill mountains, including the Margaretville area in Delaware County, and its impact on farm lives and the regional economy. $6.50

Abandoned: The Untold Story of the Orphan Trains by Michael T. Keene. In 1848 famine gripped Ireland. Nearly a million people would die of starvation and typhoid fever. A million more Irish would abandon their homeland and come to America. Many settled in the area of Lower Manhattan called Five Points, infamous for its squalor, gang violence and disease. By the end of the Civil War, an estimated 30,000 homeless children roamed the streets of New York. They slept in alleyways, under bridges, in packing boxes and even in sewers. They survived by resorting to petty crime, prostitution, and by selling newspapers for a penny a piece. In response to this crisis, the age of orphan asylums began, culminating in one of the most improbably and audacious episodes in American history. Called the Orphan Train movement, it endeavored to save these children lost to the streets by heroes who fought for their liberation. $22.95 

Adirondack Fire Towers: Their History and Lore, The Southern Districts by Martin Podskoch. After losing tens of thousands of acres to fires in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, New York State began to erect fire towers in 1916 with observers watching for fires. During World War II, towers were used to watch for enemy aircraft. $20.00

Along the Great Rivers of Central New York: The Indians and Their Villages by R. S. Conklin. This book tells the story of the Native Americans who lived along the Unadilla, Chenango, Susquehanna, Delaware, Mohawk, Oneida, and Tioghnioga Rivers and their tributaries in Central New York. This book deals mainly with the Indians that lived here in the past 1,000 years, their culture, traditions and the locations of many of their villages and camps. $7.00

The Delaware Indians: A Brief History by Richard C. Adams. The history, language, legends and government of the tribe of his ancestors. $8.95

The Hudson Valley in the Ice Age: A Geological History & Tour by Robert and Johanna Titus Join Professors Robert and Johanna Titus on a tour of the Hudson Valley and see this familiar region through the eyes of geologists. With the authors as your guides, "see" an ancient Manhattan high and dry with the Atlantic shoreline 100 miles to the southeast, North/South Lake State Park as a giant and frigid waterslide park, the immense expanse of Glacial Lake Albany stretching the entire length of the Hudson Valley with its deltas that would become the sites of some of America's most famous estates. Finally, witness the cataclysmic flood that cascaded through the valley at the end of the Ice age as a great ice dam broke and a gigantic wall of water swept down the valley. $17.95.

Mad House: The Hidden History of Insane Asylums In 19th Century New York by Michael T. Keene. Drawing upon confidential hospital archives, private patient letters and newspaper accounts of the day, the reader is taken on a remarkable journey inside a world of madness. What terrible secrets were uncovered at Rolling Hills? Who was the grave digger Lawrence and what was found buried behind the Rochester Insane Asylum? Shocking tales of neglect, abuse and even torture are revealed here for the first time, but also remarkable stories of inspiration, hope and healing. $19.95

New York State's Covered Bridges: Images of America by Bob and Trish Kane. This book includes information and pictures on all six bridges still extant in Delaware County. Also has several pictures of covered bridges that used to be in Delaware County. $21.99. 

The Psychic Highway: How the Erie Canal Changed America by Michael T. Keene. The Erie Canal delivered people to important places for important reasons, like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott to Seneca Falls for history's first women's convention, to Rochester to meet and support abolitionist Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman, to witness the Fox Sisters summon spirits and their eerie knocking, or maybe people on the temperance bandwagon hurrying to the Burned Over District so Charles Finney could save their souls. It was a time of intense individual focus and enlightened changed in the ways in which people communicated. It was as if a bolt of electricity struck western New York, lighting it up as fertile ground for ideas and lifestyles that had never been expressed or attempted before. It was a time of religious re-birth, ongoing social reform, and making one's life the best it could be in the present, in the future...and even the great beyond. $22.95

The Question of Sanity: The True Story of Female Serial Killers in 19th Century New York by Michael T. Keene. The women who serve as the subjects for this book all share compelling stories. To be considered a serial killer one must kill at least three people, all within proximity to each other in terms of time. The motive is generally the same, from one murder to the next, as is the means by which death is brought about. $19.95

Sermons in Stone: Stonewalls of New England and New York by Susan Allport. A surprising and illuminating history of the walls.$13.95

Written in Stone: A Geological History of the Northeastern United States by Chet Raymo and Maureen E. Raymo. In layman's terms, this father and daughter team takes the reader on an exciting trek across the sands of time to explain the formation of the world we live in. $16.95

Unknown Museums of Upstate New York: A Guide to 50 Treasures by Chuck D'Imperio. An informative and entertaining guide to the rich resources available at fifty small, often overlooked, regional museums. Even those familiar with the upstate area are unlikely to have visited or even heard of some of the treasures this guide unearths, such as the Catskill Fly Fishing Museum, the Kazoo Museum, and the Robert Louis Stevenson Cottage and Museum. D'Imperio tells each museum's story in light of its cultural and historical relevance and he provides a wealth of information about the various collections. $28.00

Upstate New York: History Happened Here! by Chuck D'Imperio. A unique and fascinating look at twenty five interesting people, events and places which have had, in both large and small ways, a significant impact on our history. Peering through a prism of fact, factoid and trivia, D'Imperio highlights an amazingly varied list of historical touchstones. $16.99


1856-1859 Diaries of Rosella D. Graham Frisbee A delightful glimpse at the religious and social lives of Edward A. and Rosella G. Frisbee at Maple Grove Farm. Transcribed by Bernice Graham Telian $9.45

Early Meads Delaware County New York: 1790s through the 1840s by Larry Zuidema. This book attempts to summarize the information that is known about the 34 Mead families who settled, or were born and established families, in Delaware County from the 1790s up through the 1840s. These 34 Mead families were identified through US census record and Revolutionary War pension records. $15.00

Index for the History of Delaware County by W.W. Munsell compiled by Mary Briggs. A guide to family names found in Munsell's History of Delaware County. $10.00

Index to the Biographical Review of Delaware County, compiled by Linda Ogborn, Davenport Historical Society. $10.00

Intermarriages of Fairfield, Connecticut: Pioneer Families of "The Den", South Walton and its Vicinity, Delaware County, NY by William John Cable and Marian D. Cable. This book follows the authors' search for their ancestor Joseph Cable, a pioneer of "the Den," South Walton. It also looks at details of intermarriages of specific families in the same area. $5.00

Master Nathaniel Mead: The Life and Descendants of a Pioneer Educator in Roxbury, NY by Larry Zuidema. This book is a record of the life and descendants of Nathaniel Mead (1777 - 1857) whose parents remain unknown. This is a partial genealogical record of a family which came from England in the early 1600s, settled on the Atlantic shores of CT, and eventually migrated inland to NY with some going to the mid-west and a few moving on to the Pacific coast. $20.00

My Grandmother Mary was Hanged by Bernice Graham Telian. The true story of Bernice's seventh great Grandmother who was hanged for witchcraft by authorities in Connecticut. $15.00


Between the Branches: The Folk Art of Delaware County, New York by Douglas DeNatale. This 1985 exhibit catalog features a short history of the county, an essay on folk art, and photos and information about more than 75 pieces of local folk art - from quilts to woodcarvings. $7.95

Delhi, 1976 Jacquard Coverlets. First account of the regionally historic coverlets. Pictures of coverlets owned by organizations and local people are recorded. Published by the Delaware County Rural Crafts Guild of Delhi. $1.50

The Unbroken Thread: A History of Quiltmaking in the Catskills by Steve Hoare. Includes profiles of Catskill Mountain Quilters Hall of Fame members from five counties. Seventeen members come from Delaware County. $13.95

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The Days of River Rafting by Beatrice G. Bennett. The story of rafting on the West Branch of the Delaware River. $20.00

Echoes Along the Delaware by Alice H. and Robert Jacobson. This reprint is a compilation of stories about Shavertown, Pepacton, Arena and Union Grove that people shared with the Jacobson's after the first book Beneath Pepacton Waters was released. $30.00 

Liquid Assets: A History of New York City's Water System (Expanded Edition) by Diane Galusha. This book explores technical, political and social history of this great system from the 17th century Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam through the implementation of the 1997 New York City Watershed Memorandum of Agreement, the landmark pact designed to protect the city's water while preserving upstate communities in its watershed both east and west of the Hudson River. Paperback. $29.00

Mountain Railroads of New York State Volume 4: Where Did the Tracks go in the Catskills? by Michael Kudish. This monumental railroad atlas covers the Catskill region from the Hudson Valley to the West Branch of the Delaware River Valley. A series of short lines that served individual industries and construction sites are also described along with a few railroads that were partially built but never completed. Included are brief chronologies of the two recent tourist lines: the Catskill Mountain Railroad and the Delaware & Ulster Rail Ride. Besides the rail lines, there are chapters on railroad-related passengers, forestry, agriculture, and mining along the railroad facilities. There is catalog of 379 such industries and facilities and 191 maps of track plans. $25.00

O & W- The Long Life and Slow Death of the New York, Ontario and Western Railway by William F. Hilmer. First published in 1959 and out of print for 15 years. This 40th anniversary edition has recently been reissued by Black Dome Press. It includes more than 130 maps, timetables and photos. The selection of events and anecdotes portrays the uniqueness of the O & W. $15.95

Oneonta Roundhouse by Jim Loudon. A railroading history of the Oneonta, NY area and the Oneonta Roundhouse which was one of the largest roundhouses ever built. $19.95

Roots in the Valley and Just Looking Back by Alice H. Jacobson and Robert Jacobson. This book features many stories and images of Shavertown and the east branch of the Delaware River before the Pepacton Reservoir. $28.00

Walton and the Delhi Branch on the O & W, Volume 1: The Story of the Railroad and Its Customers in Walton, New York by Mark Kennaugh. This book features some 350 photographs, plus drawings and maps. Railroad historian Mark Kennaugh explores the history of the railroad in Walton and the businesses that it served. Hardcover, 164 pages. $35.00


A World Together: Recipes from Delaware County, NY. Recipes collected in conjunction with Delaware County's 1988 Ethnic Food Festival. $2.40

Memories from the Kitchen: Recipes and Recollections from Delaware County Cooks published by DCHA. Hundreds of recipes, along with memories from the makers. Enjoy old-time recipes from DCHA's archives and try a recipe that calls for "butter the size of an egg." $5.00

DVD: Living History Cemetery Tour: Sanford Cemetery Dunraven, NY Presentation by the Historical Society of Middletown, Delaware County done on June 21, 2014. $10.00