Main Street Rummage Opens!

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Main Street Rummage!

LOW PRICES LEAD TO LARGE SALES We have determined to leave no stone unturned in our efforts to draw trade; life is too short to be squandered in the attempt to do business in the ordinary humdrum method and we are going to crowd as much as possible in the short space allotted to us and SMALL PROFITS AND QUICK SALES will be our watchword. —F. H. Gillingham, 12 March, 1884.

The Main Street Museum is very proud to announce that on the weekend of the 9th of August, it will be opening

Main Street Rummage a sorted, sized, cleaned and freshly pressed Rummage Store for clothing and the newest addition to White River Junction's burgeoning retail landscape. Main Street Rummage offers quality used clothing to the public at un-matched—indeed unmatchable—thrift store prices!

Located in the first floor, directly below the Museum, in the Fire Station Building on the banks of the White River, it is our mission to revitalize our downtown and usher in a newer, more nimble, local creative economy. Thrift stores make efficient use of resources, help eliminate waste, and perform valuable economic function in renovated, pedestrian oriented, concentrated downtowns.

What’s concentrated at our Rummage? Chic-ness... Hip-ness... New ideas and concepts—created from recycled things... Nowadays—its Thrift Stores! They just make sense!

And think about it. Dont you need...

...Shirts, Pants, Suits, Blouses, Shoes, Jackets, A small assortment of housewares and books Clean, cut and bagged rags at affordable prices (use them over and over—theyre cheaper then paper towels!) and...

...Selected items from the Main Street Museum’s unusual Museum Gift Shoppe Latte mugs, White River Junction t-shirts, “Post-Modernism is Killing Us!” caps, Genuine silt specimens from the 1927 flood, the super-cute, Japanese “Humping Dog” (must be seen to be believed), Bad Art, and some of our deaccessioned relics from around the world... Clothes, Great Gifts! O My! Where will you ever see anything like it?

Parking is available, in the rear of the building, on the riverside parking lot. Look for the green signs that say “Museum Parking.” You can enter the store through our first floor entrance, under the deck.

I'm David Fairbanks Ford, director of the Main Street Museum and manager of the store. The inventory comes from the Thrift Store and Recycle/Reuse Center, Inc. in the historic Bridgewater Mill, in Bridgewater, Vermont, managed by Adriana Curutchet and Jireh Swift Billings. We are cousins—proud great-grandsons of F. H. Gillingham, founder of the Gillingham Store in Woodstock. Its become obvious to us over the years that store-tending, sidewalk-sweeping and yes, even “counter-hopping” is in our blood. Our family has been providing service to the public for well over 120 years and in that time there have been astounding changes in economies: economies of scale, of type of retail business and of energy use. We are, frankly intrigued by these changes, and hopeful of retaining some of the traditional aspects of responsible, locally-controlled, resourceful retail. We are wide awake. You won’t find us napping. And we promise you will get your money’s worth at our stores—the best looking Thrift Stores youll ever see!

All proceeds help the Museum succeed in the 21st century; but best of all, its a Fun Place to Shop!

We regret that, with a few exceptions, we can’t accept donations at the White River Store at the present time due to lack of storage space. Please direct all donations of clothing and housewares to the Bridgewater Mill, top floor, Route Four, Bridgewater. (All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of applicable law.)