Mary Todd Lincoln

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Birth Order and Siblings: Fourth of seven children; Three brothers, three sisters, Elizabeth Todd Edwards (1813-1888), Frances "Fanny" Todd Wallace (1815-1899), Levi O. Todd (1817-1865), Robert P. Todd (1820-1822), Ann Todd Smith (1824-1891), George Rogers Clark Todd (1825-1900)

Half-siblings; Four half-brothers, five half-sisters, Robert S. Todd (1827-died in infancy), Margaret Todd Kellogg (1828-1904), Samuel Briggs Todd (1830-1862), David H. Todd (1832-1871), Martha Todd White (1833-1868), Emilie Todd Helm (1836-1930), Alexander "Aleck" Todd (1839-1863), Elodie "Dedee" Todd Dawson (1840-death date unknown), Katherine "Kitty" Todd Herr (1841-1875)