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gloop. suture.

Aloof Dork

Okra Flood

A Fold Rook

A Ford Look

A Dork Fool

A Rood Folk

A Odor Folk

A Door Folk

Ad Fro Look

Ad For Look

Fad Look Or

Fad Rook Lo

Lad Of Rook

Ado Folk Or

Ado Fork Lo

Rad Of Look

Fa Old Rook

Fa Rod Look

Oaf Dork Lo

Far Do Look

Kola Do Fro

Kola Do For

Kola Rod Of

Oak Fold Or

Oak Ford Lo

Oak Old Fro

Oak Old For

Oak Lord Of

Okra Old Of

Ark Food Lo

Ark Do Fool

Oar Do Folk

A Dork Of Lo

A Do Folk Or

A Do Fork Lo

Ark Do Of Lo

Lo - Do A Fork!