Mission Statement

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Just fyi, your contributions in the coming year will fund, among other wonders:

  • Enlargement of our collection of Russian art and artifacts focussing on the Kunstkamera of Peter the Great.
  • The paintings of Daisy Rockwell exhibited alongside artifacts from selected sites pertaining to domestic terrorism and significant contemporary individuals.
  • A continuing live music series highlighting an eclectic mix of ukuleles, banjos, washboards, jawharps and other assorted old tyme-music, rock, honkey-punk, country and klezmer sounds!
  • Our wonderful Tuesday Night Film Series, curated by Chico Eastridge.
  • Help us sponsor the Gory Daze Halloween Parade, "12th Night" Tree Burn, Community Burlesques and more!
  • "South of the Border; Roadside Attraction", Kitsch, and the Diaspora in the Southern United States, a show of artifacts, photos and films from Dillon, interstate 95, South Carolina.
  • &c, &c, &c.