Names of Future Rio Blanco Social Club Halloween Balls

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Hey Folks!
These are some of the ideas for names for Future Balls in our fabulous Burg! Vote Today for your favorite!

The Names

  • Blue Ball. Maybe too sexualized.
  • Butter Ball. I like it. Dress up as your favorite Turkey.
  • Foul Ball; Fowl Ball? Dress at your favorite Bird.
  • Frigate Ball. Another bird?
  • Goo Ball. Gross.
  • Goof Ball. Drug reference?
  • Gum Ball. Too Cute.
  • iBall. Nice. Tech-savvy.
  • Knuckle Ball; Chuckle Ball.
  • Meat Ball. Too, ehem, musky?
  • Popcorn Ball. Sticks to your teeth.
  • Power Ball.
  • Resin Ball. Likewise.
  • Spit Ball. Ewwww.
  • Tar Ball. Could have been used in 2010.
  • Tea Ball. Another drug reference...? Or is it a "Tea Party"?
  • Thunder Ball. Good.
  • XBall. For our Tenth Anniversary (since our tenth anniversary was the dust ball, we could call our 12th or 15th anniversary, our tenth... or has this X thing gone by the wayside... in 2022 we could have the XX ball!).

Reasons for Not using Them