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Rust; Overview

Subgroup: Patina (Actual and Sympathetic)

The surface of objects can be compared with accuracy, to the epidermis, or skins, of animal forms. Again, here is oxidization at work. Along with moisture, and cyclical growth patterns, oxidization is one of the defining characteristics of biological forms, as distinguished from the non-biological. It is the ineluctable arena of our future. Oxidization, then, is one of the more vegetable aspects of the mineral world. Transforming iron, brass and copper to an orange and bright torquiose dust. Silver oxide is dark enough to be used in photographic emulsion as the darkness of shadow. Oxide of lead and titanium is bright white and is used in pigments for painting. The workings of oxygen are multiform and varied.

Chemical Analysis

The action of oxygen molecules against, or combined with, other molecules. Universal agency of change, and or decay.