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Pariah Beat, and their navels, is Hot! 2007 at the Museum. Photo: dsh

PB at the MSM

They're a punk band. They're a country band. They're a gospel band. They're a Soul Revue. They're shape-shifters. They like to play. They give the Museum artifacts. Artifacts like cats' tails. And their underwear.
They play on bales of hay. They sleep on loose piles of hay. For all we know, they may even eat hay.
Who can say?
We only know one thing, and we only care about one thing: They are the most wonderful band in the world.

They are Trailer Trash and not ashamed of it!


See them! See the skulls!

Hailing from the backwoods of Vermont's Connecticut River Valley, Pariah Beat plays a punk infused blend of blues, country and old time roots music. The Beat inhabits a realm where Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, the Pogues, Tom Waits, Hank Williams, Chuck Berry, Django Reinhardt, the Clash, Elvis Presley and Robert Johnson can stand together without contradiction. We play down and dirty party music - rowdy, rootsy, and serious fun. Described as "a dirt-encrusted buzzsaw from the past, moving forward with the weight of a freight train behind them," we take that sentiment to heart, rooting the tunes we play and the stories we tell firmly in the now. We are not a gimmick, and our music is not reenactment.

One part soul, one part gypsy and one part faith, Pariah Beat always brings something to the party, whether it's fiddle, washboard, accordion, guitar, drums, bass, barrelhouse piano or all of the above. Through fist fights and drunken nights one thing has remained constant - everybody sings, and everybody dances.

On a shoe string budget, Pariah Beat has spread the good word across New England, and down the Eastern Seaboard line. Releasing their Original Sin EP in the summer of 2006, Pariah Beat has hit the ground running, playing over 100 shows in the year and a half that have followed. The summer months of 2007 marked Pariah Beat's first birthday, and they celebrated with the self release of their first full length album.

Over the fall of 2007, Pariah Beat has digitally released the Babylon Is Fallen EP through the band's website. The EP's ten songs offer an expanded musical pallet, whilst honing in on the strengths of the band's previous work. "Babylon Is Fallen", the EP's title track, delivers an accordion and fiddle driven injection of adrenalin into an age old Shaker hymn, whilst singer Justin Bendel howls, "Now the day so long expected, now the hour of full release. Zion's walls have been erected, and her watchmen publish peace. The trumpet loudly sounds, the troops are on the ground." Biblical Babylon is similarly recast as modern day Iraq in the Americana tinged protest song "Come On In." The country influence continues through "Front Porch", a banjo-fueled barn burner in which a whiskey-laden narrator delivers a succinct summation of the American experience: "Chance the dog, she's a dirty slob, just licking herself happily... but I kind of envy her, 'cause she's living the American Dream." "Tipperary" features Justin Bendel and Emily Eastridge playfully duetting about Jesus Christ and union jobs, while the band lays down a wild gypsy romp. "Love the Pain" rounds out the EP, swirling strings and a brass section complimenting Billy Sharff's dark vocal performance.

Extending the momentum into the New Year, Pariah Beat completed their second East Coast tour, taking them to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, before returning home by way of Chicago.

PB by Morgan Visconti. 2008.

Boston's Weekly Dig wrote that Pariah Beat wields "an arsenal of ferociously catchy made-for-drinking tunes fixed in Americana and gospel, yet delivered with punk vigor." Boston's The Noise wrote that "Pariah Beat has clearly taken up the mantel left in the wake of the absence of the mighty Reverend Glasseye. This celebration of folk and barrelhouse songwriting is a specialty and there are so few bands in Boston that pull it off with as much fun and honesty." The Montpelier Times Argus called Pariah Beat an "amalgamation of Americana - jug band music and rockabilly. Fans of bands like Dropkick Murphys, Gogol Bordello or The Reverend Horton Heat are bound to love Pariah Beat." Vermont's 7 Days magazine wrote, "The quintet is a genre-mashing juggernaut. Brimming with energy, it also suggests these guys - and gal - put on one hell of a live show." Kicked out of North Carolina for conduct unbecoming of a rock n roll band and warned to stay out of Chicago, the Pariah Train is a'rolling, and the conductor is punching tickets.

—Love, Pariah Beat
On a road trip in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Pariah Feat, May, 2009


  • Boston area:
    • The Abbey Lounge
    • The Middle East
    • The Plough and Stars*The Cantab Lounge
    • The Midway Cafe.
  • New York area:
    • Spike Hill
    • The Trash Bar
    • The Remote Lounge
    • Fat Baby
    • Hank's Saloon
  • Providence, RI:
    • Club Hell
    • Jerky's
  • Provincetown, MA:
    • The Squealing Pig
  • New Orleans, LA:
    • The Hi-Ho Lounge
  • Memphis:
    • The Poplar Lounge
  • Nashville:
    • Springwater
  • Ocean Springs, MS:
    • Gov't St. Grocery
  • Chicago:
    • The Pontiac
  • Asheville, NC:
    • Fred's Speakeasy
  • Johnson City, TN:
    • The Acoustic Coffeehouse
  • Vermont:
    • The Langdon St. Cafe - Montpelier
    • The Main Street Museum - White River Jct. (House Band and Mascots for the Museum)
    • Skunk Hollow Tavern - Hartland
    • 242 Main - Burlington
    • Radio Bean - Burlington

Former Instrumentation

Current Instrumentation


  • Original Sin EP - self released, 2006 1. Temporary Love 2. Don't Ya Know? 3. Ghost Town 4. Take A Walk 5. Redemption
  • Pariah Beat LP - self released, 2007 1. Prisoners 2. I'll Take the Drink 3. Don't Ya Know? 4. I Have Seen the Light 5. I Believe 6. Temporary Love 7. Christopher Tear it Down 8. No Way 9. Waltz 10. Sunday Morning 11. Our Time Will Come 12. Take A Walk 13. Redemption
  • Babylon Is Fallen 10 Song EP - self released, 2008 1. Babylon is Fallen 2. Come On In 3. Leavin' 4. Front Porch 5. Tipperary 6. Don't You Think About Me 7. I Overheard (You Were Over Her) 8. Love the Pain 9. H-Bomb 10. Broken Shoes


Und auch, auf Deutsch

Musikalisch wandern Pariah Beat ein bißchen auf anderen Pfaden und anstatt Blues und ruhigem Folk gibt es knackigen englischen Folk-Rock, der ein bißchen an ... entschuldigung ... Sauflieder erinnert. Und das ist jetzt überhaupt nicht böse gemeint, denn da bleibt kein Fuß still und auch kein Auge trocken. Sowas macht nur Laune und Freude. —Roland Leicht,
Musically hike Pariah beat a little on other paths, and instead of calm blues and folk, there are crunchy English folk-rock, which is a bit ... Sorry ... Sauflieder recalls. And that is not meant bad, because there still remains no feet and no eye dry. Sowas only makes whim and joy." (eloquently translated by Google)