Peter Van Gaasbeek

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Peter Van Gaasbeck (September 27, 1754 – 1797) was an American merchant and politician from Kingston, New York.

He was born in Ulster County, New York, September 27, 1754; attended the grammar schools and was educated in Kingston. During the Revolutionary War he served as a Major in the Ulster County militia.

and became a man of prominence in the county and State; engaged in mercantile pursuits in Kingston, N.Y.; was a captain and major in the Ulster County Militia during the Revolutionary War;

Van Gaasbeck was a successful merchant. He was a supporter of the George Washington administration (the group later recognized as the Federalist Party), and was elected to the United States House of Representatives. He represented New York in the 3rd United States Congress, March 4, 1793 to March 3, 1795.

In 1794 Van Gaasbeck married Sarah Dumont (or Dumond).

He died in Kingston in 1797 and was buried at the First Dutch Reformed Church in Kingston.

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