Piece of Wood from Strasbourg Cathedral

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Piece Of Wood From The Strasbourg Cathedral. Old wood with label tied with string. Dusty. 3.5 – 11 cm. n. d., prob 19th century.

From a Vermont collection given to the Hartford, Vermont, public library.

The Collections of The Hood and The Main Street Museum feature curious parallels. In this comparison of the great cathedrals of Europe, The Main Street Museum’s artifact is made of wood. The Hoods specimen (Piece Of Rouen Cathedral Pillar. 13.158.4267) is an unidentified, perhaps sedimentary, or limestone dates from the 12th century, c.e. but is not dusty.
A Piece of Rouen Cathedral Pillar, 12th century. 2.6 – 4.3 cm. Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire. Gift of Frederick Hall, Class of 1803.