Solomon L. Sleight

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Solomon Sleight was a lawyer and politician. Sherrif of Orange county New York in 1815.

Newburgh, New York

The department was started, by authority of an act of Legislature, in the spring of 1797. This was three years before the village was incorporated, and the five trustees which the act required to be elected annually for controlling managers were the first form of government in the village. Their power was transferred to the village trustees by the incorporating act. There were at first a suction engine and a bucket brigade to keep it supplied with water. In 1805 a company of "bagmen" was formed, whose duty it was to take charge of goods. The first engine house was erected about the same time, and a record of the two engine companies of 1805 furnishes the following names:

No. 1. - William I. Smith, Enoch E. Tilton, Walter Burling, Henry Tudor, Ward M. Galley, Gilbert N. Clement, Minard Harris, John Cardskaden. Caleb Sutton, George E. Hulse, John Coleman, John Hoagland, William Aden, Andrew Preston, Nicholas Wright, John Forsyth. Walter Case.

No. 2. - John Harris, Jonathan Fisk, John Anderson. Jr.. Leonard Carpenter, Selah Reeve, James Hamilton, Samuel I. Gregory. William Gardiner, Nathaniel Binding. Solomon Sleight, Jonathan Carter, Hiram Weller, Samuel Wright, Hugh Spier, Thomas Powell, Cornelius DeWitt, Joseph Hoffman, Cadwallader Roe, Daniel Niven, Jr., Benoni H. Howell, Sylvanus Jessup, Joseph Reeve, John Richardson.

Old Town Cemetery, Newburgh, Orange County, New York

  • Sleight, Eliza Walsh, wife of Solomon, d. 04-07-1823
  • Sleight, Gerritje, wife of Johannes, d. 08-07-1812
  • Sleight, Hugh Walsh, son of Solomon, d. 10-03-1810
  • Sleight, Solomon, d. 08-27-1839

old town cemetery Old Town Cemetery GPS: 41.507534, -74.009995

1713 Grand Street Newburgh, NY, 12550

Published: November 16, 2016 Total records: 1,503

Old Town Cemetery is owned and maintained by City of Newburgh, NY.

History Old Town Cemetery is as old as the settlement of Newburgh, perhaps going back to the early 1700s. The oldest readable tombstone dates back to 1759. The cemetery contains about 1,300 tombstones, with records of about 1,700 persons. It's believed that there may be a total of 2,500 persons buried here since the burying ground was first used.