Study Trip and Need for Volunteers, 2008

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The museum moves into curtailed hours as the curators travel extensively throughout the new york city and new orleans environs on a study and collecting expedition.

Sites for the expedition: the theodore roosevelt house in manhattan, louis armstrong sites--both in queens, NY, and in new orleans--, the battleground at chalmette, LA--where the war of 1812 ended--and the lower 9th ward to witness and collect evidence of recovery, or lack of it... help us stay open throughout these winter months. volunteers are needed to sit in the museum for thursdays through saturdays in the second half of january and the first half of febuary.

24,25, 26th january

31st january and the 1st and 2 february

and the 7th 8 and 9th of february

sitters are needed on these dates from 1 pm to 6 pm. anyone wishing to sit, please let me know. we have wireless internet and a hotplate for making coffee. many thanks to you all and see you next month!

—david fairbanks ford, director, main street museum