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€œ[The Main Street Museum] forces one to contemplate the nature of museums and curating. Why do we save what we save? How do we decide what to discard, what to display, what to hide away, and what to destroy." —€”Joe Citro, Weird New England,

"€œIt is only due to organizations such as yours that the important works of our Country are brought to the attention of the public.” €”—Marie Reilly, Museum of Bad Art, Dedham.

"The Main Street Museum is just...its just the Most Wonderful Place on Earth!" —Pariah Beat Band.

"€œThe Main Street Museum; €”White River Junction'€™s answer to the Library of Congress."€ —€”Peter Welch, U. S. House of Representatives.

Mind Your Head Science tells us that the average brain fires its synapses several million times every hour. David Fairbanks Ford's brain probably fires its neural popguns at least four or five times as often, producing intracranial light shows to rival the aurora borealis or, at the very least, a Chinese salute to the Year of the Goat. Not to put too fine a point on it, Mr. Ford's brain is, well, different... (Learn Less...!)

Jim Bissland, Long River Winding; Life, Love and Death Along the Connecticut, 1999

The fire station and its tower, seen from the Bridge. Aaron Almanza. 2008.