Three Red Vinyl Shoes with Platform-soles

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The existance of a three-legged stripper cannot be discounted.

Three Red Vinyl Shoes with Platform-soles. Red and Black Vinyl with carbon. With traction soles and heel tips. Two without full ankle strap and buckle. Abrasions evident. Singed and smoke damaged from the fire of the W.R.A.P (White River Adult Pub) of February, 13th 2005, c.e., White River Junction, Vermont.

Found in the ruins of the Theriault block and its associated adult entertainment nightclub.

There are three of them. The existence of a three legged dancer cannot be discounted.


The Audio Portion

"Sunday-six-fifty-seven...DFF, DFF, where are you? Your town needs you now more than ever. It is Sunday night and I'm sitting in front of the WRAP, the once-WRAP [night]club with is now burning to the ground—flames leaping ten, twenty feet above the building—and we are watching as firemen attempting to pump water to quench the thirsty hooker flames that are consuming the building and which may indeed take over the town. Who knows? But um, thinking of you and wishing you were here to, um, take part in this interesting moment. Maybe there was a meth lab or something there that blew up..." —Mark E. Merrill. Transcription of an eyewitness mobile-phone message made during the fire.

The adjacent Polka-Dot restaurant survived, but with smoke and water damage.

—Gift of Professors Bucy and Q

The "thirsty hooker flames" on Bridge Street, St. Valentines eve, 2005. Photo: Eric Francis.
Matt Bucy filming the conflagration of the Theriault Block and the adult entertainment nightclub on North Main Street, White River Junction, 13 February, 2005. Photo: Eric Francis.