White River Junction; Its not so Bad!

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"White River Junction—It's Not So Bad!" has become a commonly accepted motto for the downtown area of White River Junction, Vermont (actually a village in the town of Hartford, Vermont). Altho some residents find it objectionably snarky, most consider that it actually is inaccurate in that it does not describe the full sensation of either living, working or visiting the area, and suggest that it should read, "White River Junction—It Is That Bad!"


The motto was invented by either Kim Souza or Matt P. Bucy in the early years of the 21st century. Probably around 2003. Note: at present, 2012, Mr. Mark Ezra Merrill claims copy to the motto. But on second thought, he does not claim that he initiated the phrase. He was probably wrong. That's been known to happen.

Marketing and Sales

The motto can be found on a number of items available through retail outlets in the Upper Valley area. The most readily available of these are t-shirts, sold through Revolution Vintage Clothing, Coolidge Cards and Gifts, and the Main Street Museum. These shirts were printed by The Silver Screen Printing, on North Main Street. Now Hartford Village. Director, Bonnie Lou Arnold.