Will and Inventory of Ebenezer Foote, 1829

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"To Matilda Foote, widow of Eben deceased, Harriet F. Byran, Ebenezer K Maxwell, and Margaret P. Maxwell, Harriet F. Bryan Guardian of Frances Foote, Catherine B. Foote Renseller W. Foote, Charles Foote, and James B Foote, the minor children of Charles A Foote, and Ebenezer K Maxwell, guardian of Margaret B. Foote, the minor child of Frederick P. Foote. “we shall on Saturday, the twenty second day of May instant apply to the surrogate of the County of Delaware, wheresoever his Court shall then be held at 10 o’clock on the forenoon. to take the proof of and record the last will and testament of Ebenezer Foote."